Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jan & Feb - Hobby Limbo

We're already in February, January whizzed by yet I've been so busy NYE seems so long ago!

My new job has kept me pretty busy since Christmas so I've been the model equivalent of Jack of all trades, master of none.

The morbid picture above there is from the game Limbo, it's the best I could do to tie it in with the title!

Anyway, as ever, after the break there's plenty of catch up pictures of the bit and bobs I've been up to.

I had loads of painting planned for the second half of Jan and this part of Feb. However London has been suffering some very cold weather (see below) which has made spraying anything's base coat almost impossible. In a couple of the more mild moments I managed to spray the Colette Du Bois crew for Malifaux:
I know, to a lot of people, this isn't much snow. This does not happen
in London though. England doesn't cope well with snow!

I also sorted out stripping and re-basing the other three assassins for the Grey Knights after quite enjoying doing the Vindicare recently:

I've been planning making a table to fit into my flat for the occasional game for a little while and started putting knife to foam and making some terrain pieces, although the table will be done nearer to May as my Dad has offered to make it for my birthday. Here's the first couple of those:
Pringles; tasty and useful.

I went to buy myself a Baal Predator to add to my Angels Sanguine list but Dark Sphere were out of stock so I ended up leaving with these boys:
I used the arms from Forgeworld's Tyberios model for the Sgt.
I've also decided to take part in this challenge on Bolter and Chainsword and make a Marine version of myself. I'm having a little fun and using a tutorial from Master of the Forge to have a go at a true scale model. He's about half way done, looking like this:

Finally I got in two games against my friend's Skavenids (Tyranids but Skaven models). I drew one and lost one and am getting a little concerned about a couple of areas of my army. Tha't for another time though, here's a couple of pictures:

First game was two objectives. I comfortably held the first while the surviving
Death Company and Recluisarch started the long walk over the board to...

...the second objective, diagonally across the table, held by one Genestealer. The Hive Tyrant
(Doom Wheel) and his Guard dismantled the Stormraven just short of contesting. 
Next game was kill points. He found my left flank almost empty so faced a board long
march to reach some stuff to kill. 
The only squad deployed on my left bravely charged the Raveners (wolfs) and faired quite well but then
found themselves in combat with the surrounding two squads of Genestealers, Tyrant, Guard and remaining
Reveners. They didn't cope too well with that.

In an attempt to claw back a few points my Recluisarch and Command Squad charged the centre of the table. They promptly failed their charge through cover, were reduced to WS1, BS1 and mostly forced down to
I1 as well. It was a brief combat.

And there you go ladies and gents, it's been a bitty week of four. I now have two weeks off so will hopefully be able to get some 'proper' stuff done and show off on here shortly.

See y'all soon!
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