Friday, 20 June 2014

Today I Built A Zombie Chihuahua

It's becoming a bad habit, my blog tardiness. Apologies.

This time's excuse is pretty much just that I haven't focused on anything for weeks so have nothing to report!

I've started building axles for the Taurox conversions I'm working on so I'll report back on how they come out soon but, in brief, they're a huge pain.

I also bought the Malifaux McMourning box for some fun and because the models are amazing! Except for one...

The zombie chihuahua is small. Really small. Too small?

At what point does someone look at CAD designer's mock up and say "woah woah, people can't actually handle those pieces mate" or "hang on, aren't those legs too tiny to actually glue to anything that'll let it support itself?". See the photo's if you need an idea.

It's silly small. Yes they're packed with detail but its so small I'm yet to see a painted version that makes very good use of it all! It's a shame but I guess I'll see how I get on with it once it's based and the paint flows.

Sorry again for the big wait and then this substantial lack of content! I'll have a word with myself and get back to something useful!