Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Imperial Knight - WiP

Throne of Skulls is on Friday and the objective is to have this guy up to scratch of at least reasonable table top quality. Here's where I'm at from two evenings paint...

The pic with the Deathwing is the one with the leg armour in the right places.

Doesn't look massively different to the previous 'in pieces' shot I posted but that trim took a good while. Also done washes, silvers etc. Two evenings to go!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Imperial Knight Progress

I'm trying something new to enable to keep the blog up to date - small posts!

Because I'm SO unorganised I always, as any regulars will have noticed, end up doing catch up posts and back tracking. Or I start something new and then forget to update about it until it's finished.

It's mainly because, for 'full' posts I use my camera and computer. So, to get smaller, less long winded, updates I'm trying the smartphone/app route. Let's see if it works right?

I, like most other 40k folk, got excited about the Imperial Knight release. Then I realised it solved a couple of issues I have with my Dark Angel Army - namely taking a weight of fire off the bikes and also killing tanks.

Today I've from black to a bunch of base coated pieces. I'm painting it in 22 pieces at the minute - it's a pain in the arse.

I am quite pleased with the diamond pattern shoulder though!

More mobile updates soon!