Saturday, 23 February 2013

Deathwing Build: Belial x 3 Done

Good morning (it's just after 1am in the UK). Just a very quick post tonight as I just finished gluing a whole bunch of Terminators including all three variants of Belial.

While I don't dislike the original model of Belial (holding is sword up) I do think he's a little too static in the legs and face for that. He needs to be striding forward or shouting...anything better than silently waving his sword in the air.

I gave the static body the Thunder Hammer and Storm shield combo. For the other two I used spare matching torso, head and legs from two of the Deathwing command sets. One got he resin arms, the sword now pointing down with him looking down the blade (at his defeated foe). The other is all plastic kitbash, he just look tear someone apart.

With the rest I have 15 of 20 regular Terminators done and dusted. The Land Raider is also built. 5 more Termies, the 6 bikes and 2 attack bikes by Sunday I'm hoping...

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cork Basing - The Beginners Guide

With 'Project Dark Angels' commencing in earnest this week during a break from work I thought I'd pop up a post about how I'm doing the bases for these guys.

All my previous (recent) models are based on gravel, sand, slate, or a combination. This works well and looks great - I just fancied a change for my next project.

At first I was going to do snow, but considering half the force is already in pale armour (Deathwing) I decided against it. Cork has been increasingly visible across various forums etc over recent months, with some really great effects coming from it. I wanted to use it to create sort of dessert or dry river bed type terrain for my bases. Here's how I went about it...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Incoming: Dark Angels

Hey all, just a quickie.

Picked up my order from the excellent Dark Sphere here in London today, saving myself a tidy £35 thanks to their webstore discount.

I got two Deathwing boxes, one Ravenwing box and my first ever Land Raider - not bad considering I've had a marine army since early third edition.

From the bits box I have ten DV Terminators, five standard assault Termies (now with their arms pulled off) and twelve bikes (six DV) and an old attack bike. All this will give me a force, if I've planned right, which will scale from 1,500 points, through 1,750 and up to 2,000

Preliminary list is:

10 Deathwing; assault cannon, cyclone, 2 x chainfist
5 Deathwing; Sgt 2 x lightning claw, 4 thunder hammer and shield, cyclone
Land Raider (standard or crusader - magnetised)
Ravenwing Squadron; 6 bikes, melta attack bike

No idea if it's any good. I'm avoiding net lists and the like as much as possible - want to try and form my own opinions about this one - at least at first.

The two new kits look super versatile and have a good share of spare bits. There'll be a few kit bashes to make those standard termies a bit more 'DA', and also to add some variety within the duplicated DV ones.

Watch this space.