Tuesday, 21 February 2012

From The Chopping Board - True/Art Scale Marine Update

Hi All,

My hernia operation last week has really hit me for six. I thought it'd be a pretty simple recovery but I honestly feel like I've been stabbed in the stomach (semi-technically the case). Therefore progress is slow as I can't sit on my stool at my workbench. Never-the-less, here's an update on Big Boi Marine™.

The only thing I had left to sort on the model as he's shown in the first picture there was his stomach and his left hand (holding a rather cool techmarine helmet).

These are now both done:

The uneven top is where his torso sits, it's moulded to fit.
 I tidied up the torso piece where it had been pretty roughly filled:

Click to enlarge and you'll see the added hand with rebuilt thumb,
also note the green stuffed in collar trim. It's not perfect but was
very fiddly.

I definitely made life hard for myself but adding in the lower
parts of the torso after gluing on the arms. Lesson learned.
And finally here's a picture of the completed model (minus head):

I'm pretty happy all round, especially from a first attempt point of view. The stomach and lower chest look a little 'soft' though in comparison with the rest of his armour. I think this is down to my learning technique more than the fact that I used green stuff over, say, procreate or something more suited to hard edges.

I got him sprayed yesterday. Decided, as he's going to be yellow and black, to give grey primer a go. I picked up a can of Tamiya's and here he is today:

Not bad all in all. Hopefully I can be comfortable enough to get some decent paint on before I'm back at work on Saturday. Wish me luck!!
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