Tuesday, 15 July 2014

From The Chopping Board - Scion Commisar Kitbash

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all. Super quick post as it's way past my bedtime.

I've been building the odd Scion model here and there and they're all looking cool. I also received the stowage for my long range desert group style Taurox transports, hopefully they'll look great in the near future.

Back.to the men. I wanted a Commissar as it's the Guard, y'know? Guard ain't Guard with out a bossy guy in a flouncy hat threatening to shoot them!

I like most of the Commissar sculpts but none felt like they fit alongside an army of elite, teched up dudes.

Therefore I got the plastic one as, failing everything at least he comes with a hat that can be easily used elsewhere (the majority of it is a separate piece).

An hour or so of trimming, sanding and gluing later and we have what's shown in the pic! Gone is his pointy little face replaced by a standard Scion helmet. Gone too are his nasty jodhpurs and odd stance and his ugly-arse sabre; again replaced with parts straight from the Scion (sooooooo many bits in that box!).

He's come out pretty much exactly as I hoped! He might even just get to skip the building queue and go straight to paint!

Until next time everyone, thanks for checking in!