Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Back Once Again...

Hey folks

Half a year has passed since I last posted!

Moving house, getting evicted from new house....blah blah blah. Generally very minimal miniature time has prevailed! Sometimes real life just gets in the way and we have to get by, gaze longingly at Harlequin releases etc and get nothing done!

This last three weeks though, I am thoroughly back in the swing of things! My local game club; Club HATE (Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) has launched a campaign based on all things Badab.

General successor chapters are allowed to take part as well as the 'true' Badab chapters so I took the opportunity to update the Angels Sanguine and build some of my Christmas presents!

Three friends have joined too, playing Charcharadons, Lamenters and some other guys that I forget!

I'm hoping this means that a semi-normal service can resume here at the Grotto and some more interesting posts than this one will follow soon.

Uploaded a small stack of pictures to give an idea what I'm up to at the moment :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Raging Heros: Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Arrive! Lulu pic

However long ago it was now (my memory sucks) a friend and I pledged on the awesome looking Raging Heros kickstarter for there soon to be released Toughest Girls of the Galaxy.

Basically three different types of army chicks that'd make awesome subs for the Imperial Guard...sorry, Astra Militarum.

Delays, resculpts and layers more detail added later we received the first few of our order late last week.

Here's a pic of the only one that doesn't need building to give you an idea of scale (the pic is a 'Lulu' - child snipers - so it's meant to be small).

I'll post more when I've built them and am not stuck with posting on my phone from the work canteen!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

From The Chopping Board - Scion Commisar Kitbash

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all. Super quick post as it's way past my bedtime.

I've been building the odd Scion model here and there and they're all looking cool. I also received the stowage for my long range desert group style Taurox transports, hopefully they'll look great in the near future.

Back.to the men. I wanted a Commissar as it's the Guard, y'know? Guard ain't Guard with out a bossy guy in a flouncy hat threatening to shoot them!

I like most of the Commissar sculpts but none felt like they fit alongside an army of elite, teched up dudes.

Therefore I got the plastic one as, failing everything at least he comes with a hat that can be easily used elsewhere (the majority of it is a separate piece).

An hour or so of trimming, sanding and gluing later and we have what's shown in the pic! Gone is his pointy little face replaced by a standard Scion helmet. Gone too are his nasty jodhpurs and odd stance and his ugly-arse sabre; again replaced with parts straight from the Scion (sooooooo many bits in that box!).

He's come out pretty much exactly as I hoped! He might even just get to skip the building queue and go straight to paint!

Until next time everyone, thanks for checking in!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Today I Built A Zombie Chihuahua

It's becoming a bad habit, my blog tardiness. Apologies.

This time's excuse is pretty much just that I haven't focused on anything for weeks so have nothing to report!

I've started building axles for the Taurox conversions I'm working on so I'll report back on how they come out soon but, in brief, they're a huge pain.

I also bought the Malifaux McMourning box for some fun and because the models are amazing! Except for one...

The zombie chihuahua is small. Really small. Too small?

At what point does someone look at CAD designer's mock up and say "woah woah, people can't actually handle those pieces mate" or "hang on, aren't those legs too tiny to actually glue to anything that'll let it support itself?". See the photo's if you need an idea.

It's silly small. Yes they're packed with detail but its so small I'm yet to see a painted version that makes very good use of it all! It's a shame but I guess I'll see how I get on with it once it's based and the paint flows.

Sorry again for the big wait and then this substantial lack of content! I'll have a word with myself and get back to something useful!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Taurox 8 Wheeler WiP

I promised myself Eldar were next. I'd finish the Dark Angels, sell the Grey Knights and redo all my old, beloved 'Dar.

Then GW took it upon themselves to release the Knight Titan and I had to have one. That was the quickest I've ever bought-built-painted something to finish ever. I love it, I'll be getting another. But now onto Eldar...

Then GW took it upon themselves to release Scions and the Militarum Tempestus. I would resist. No more distractions from my one true love of 40K. Eldar time!

THEN my friend gave me some Scions because I spent he whole of the Friday at Throne of Skulls helping him paint his Tau. Bugger. Now I had Scions I might as well have a Taurox right? Right??