Thursday, 23 February 2012

From The Chopping Board - Scavenged Devastators

Heading to Throne of Skulls in April has made me think a bit about my force selection as, in recent months, there ain't be too much winning going on!

The Scout snipers I run serve little purpose in games apart from sitting round the back of the table and holding an objective before they die relatively easily.

I decided to fit in some (hopefully) more effective ranged shooting and, at the same time, increase my anti-tank ability - both of which I'm currently lacking in my list. The cheapest way to do this was with missile launcher armed Devastators. The cheapest way to afford them however was not to have to buy the launchers, which go for anything between £4 and £8 each. Here's the results of a very successful bits box raid last week...

I actually turned out six (six!!) missile launchers in total. One had been cut from the arm for a never-finished conversion. Two were brand new on the sprue, though one was missing it's end piece which didn't show up. One was missing it's power cable, one was on a built and painted Blood Angel and one was a stripped-of-paint blotchy old recycle. How I have that many I do not know.

The spares.

I decided to use three of the rougher looking pieces for this thrown together squad. After a little tidy up and a quickly made cable (using my very last bit of green stuff) I ended up with these boys:

Left: Paint stripped. Centre: Ripped from Blood angel. Right: Cable
rebuilt from green stuff.
The whole gang.
Looking at the second picture especially you can see the different shades of the plastic pieces I used, a few different generations combining for Sanguinius! These guys are due to get sprayed and painted up to base coat level pronto then the detailing will happen production line style in a good few evening between now and the end of April.
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