Monday, 20 August 2012

20 Questions (Surprise!)

Hey there dudes, dudettes and geeks of all ages!

T-minus 3.5 days to go until my computer, models and everything else back (TV, playstation, bedding, hurrah!) are back in my life in the new flat. In the meantime, I'm posting from my phone. There's this little 'quiz' doing the rounds amidst the blogosphere.

It's something I can do from my phone so, why the heck not?

Favourite Wargaming Period and Why?
A few folk have said 'the future' which I think is a good answer. I'm feeling nostlgic though so I'm going to say mid-late 90's. Everything was new. White Dwarf was a bible. Dark Reapers on overwatch ruled (my) game table and no one complained on the internet ;)

Next Period, If Money Was No Object?
After GenCon, I'm really, really looking forward to seeing the Dystopian Legions - 28mm Dystopian Wars. It looks amazing. Money no object will come in play here if ll their tanks are solid resin as rumored!
Wyrd taking Malifaux plastic is really going to improve the games colectbility, and their paced expansion of the Malifaux world is steady, solid progress.

Top 5 Films?
Tough question. In no particular order...
Blue Valentine (sad)
Inception (head ache)
Some Like It Hot (Monroe!)
Blues Brothers (Shake your tail feather)
Avengers and/or Nolan's Batmans (can't decide/lycra-latex-fest)
I know, I'm a nerd blogger that didn't list Star Wars, you'll get over it...

Favourite 5 TV Series
Again, toughy. Again, not ordered.
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
Fawlty Towers
And, again, I know, I'm a nerd blogger that didn't list Star Trek or bad :)

Favourite Book and Author
Right now, L.A Confidential by James Ellroy

Greatest General - and You Can't Count Yourslef?
Not my area of expertise but I'm going to go with The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson, Viscount and Baron Nelson, of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk, Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Hilborough in the said County, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of the Fleet, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels in the Mediterranean, Duke of Bronté in the Kingdom of Sicily, Knight Grand Cross of the Sicilian Order of St Ferdinand and of Merit, Member of the Ottoman Order of the Crescent, Knight Grand Commander of the Order of St Joachim.
Yes, I got it off Wikipedia, but if you shouldn't have to ask why after that list of titles (from his coffin!)

Favourite Wargame Rules?
Either 40K 2nd Ed (got me into the game) or 40K 5th Ed (brought me back to it)

Favourite Sport and Team?
Ask me this a year ago and I say Premiership football, Blackburn Rovers. But after last season with incompetant management at every level of the club, I'm struggling to care this season (plus we got relegated so I'm not fussed about waiting to watch the Championship show after Match of the Day).

If You Had A One Use Time Machine, When and Where Would You Go?
I want to go see some freaking dinosaurs dude!

Last Meal On Death Row?
It's a toss up between American Breakfast (sausage, bacon, hash brows, pancakes, maple syrup) or a proper English pub Sunday roast (beef, roasties, yorkshire pudding, peas...)

Fantasy Relationship and Why?
Anne Hathaway, because maybe she kept the costume...

If Your Life Was A MovIe, Who'd Play You?
A more unhealthy looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No idea why.

Favourite Comic Book Superhero?
The Boys

Favourite Military Quote?
I don't have a favourite as I don't know enough, but here's a 6th Ed relevant one from Monty:
"If we lose the war in the air we lose the war and we lose it quickly."

Historical Destination To Visit?
The Great Wall of China. Like the Grand Canyon, I don't think I'd get the scale until I saw it.

Biggest Wargame Regret?
That it's niche and, because of that, some of my closest friends don't/won't be involved in something I love *sob*

Favourite Fantasy Job?
Own a really, really amazing toy shop.

Favourite Song, Top 5
Impossible. Totally.
I have all time favourite bands; Zepplin, White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age, RATM...but can't ever pick you 5 songs

Favorite Wargame Moment?
Squad assaults termagaunts, all but one bug dies. Sanguinary Priest chases down fleeing bug, shoots in back of head. Meanwhile my army dies to a man. Priest flies back in to find everyone dead. Goes for 20 Gaunts, gets shot 20 times, lives. Gets charged. Lives. Kills 2. Eventually goes down gets cool new resin model! From the last Throne of Skulls I went to.

The miserable git question: What upsets you?
Rude people. Negative people. People who do not indicate (thank you Dark Templar). Pedestrians when I'm cycling, cyclists when I'm driving. 'Superiority complex' arseholes.

If you got thisfar, well done. It took the length of a whole film to write! Looking forward to having a keyboard, spellcheck and more than one picture again!

Adios y'all

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

6th Ed, 2nd Game

Hi all,
I'm still being quiet - I'm still living on my Aunt's sofa while I wait for the new flat to be sorted. No model news as such as everything is stored up north.
I did bring down a single 1,500 Angel Sanguine force though which is living at my friends.
With all the moving I've not read the while rulebook, I've also been avoiding the blog and net talk of it all - I wanted my own opinions first before the extremes of net reviews and rants!
Two games in and, while I'm still figuring out some of the finer points, it's been good.
Both games against IG. First was Relic with the long (short edge) deployment. Terrain lost me this game with me having to jump the length of the table into his guns. I got tabled by turn 5...
Today we played Purge the Alien (?) and I took my revenge, winning 13-7 I think. Not tabled as such but he had three fleeing Vet's left to my remaining 2 squads, raven and chaplain.
Good fun all round. Not much detail I know but I'm posting from a phone.
In the meantime the Olympics have taken over the city. I went out to see the male and female cycling road race and couldn't believe the speeds they were doing. Hopefully I'll have my bike back, along with computer, paints etc and normal service can resume shortly!