Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year World!!

Merry Christmas too ladies and gent's.

It's been a while (again) but I can't complain. I work in retail and got a new job but, as far as time to take over a clothes shop goes, Christmas and it's ensuing sales are about the worst.

So, that's where I've been, working long days, tripled my commute time and managing zero 'fun'. It's not been the most enjoyable but, still, a positive end to the year.

Here's how Christmas went (model related) and what's coming up over the next 12 months...

So, first off, Christmas presents!

I very consciously asked for no Warhammer this year (first time in a long time) due to the size of my backlog. Still, as a very cool stocking filler my girlfriend braved the sweaty air of the local GW and added this as a (very cool) stocking filler:

A very good start indeed and will make a very nice display model. The only models I asked for were some I could just enjoy painting. I gave a choice of websites and just asked for pretty much anything from those. My mum made two quite different choices, both from Studio McVey:

Lisbeth - Studio McVey

Azumi - Studio McVey

Both are really, really, nice models. Super fine detail and clean casts - they'll definitely be a considerable challenge to paint!

Next my 'main' presents. I got a Kindle from the Mrs so I've already downloaded a list of books to that - two Black Library numbers (Path of the Warrior and Soul Hunter), Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and a couple of others. It's going to be a good year.

My big pressie from the parents was a compressor (!). This has taken looooonnnngg hours of research and pages and pages of forum threads and internet searches. There's a million recommendations for American suppliers but some of the English sites are less well rated. There's a lot of talk of Home Depot and Harbour Freight neither of which really exist over here and the shipping of something like a compressor is prohibitive at best. Anyway, after all the previously mentioned net searching, I found the UK equivalent. Ironically I now can't find the same site again to post a picture but it's basically this:

So I have a compressor with a tank. It runs pretty quietly so that's a bonus. Need the airbrush now though.

Last present (which wasn't really present) was something I bought for myself. I had to be speedy with this as they sold out VERY fast. Kingdom Death make some really fantastic and often controversial (see Wet Nurse) models but this one is probably my favourite they've done:

I've not worked out quite how to put it together yet but it really is a beautiful model.

Thant's Christmas rounded off. A good lot of goodies indeed!

Onto the next 12 months then.

Yesterday I bought myself a ticket for the famous GW run Throne of Skulls tournament

Two friends went in September and had a blast so one is returning with another two of us in April. I'm looking forward to it, not only because it will be a cool trip to Warhammer World but also as it seems not to be an über competitive tournament so it should hopefully stay fun. It also means I have to properly finish the army I taking which will be a re-motivation after such a gap in enthusiasm.

Coming up in the next month or so (if I pull my finger out) will be an Angels Sanguine Captain conversion and repaints of two more Assassins - the Callidus and Eversor.

There'll be a chunk more Malifaux, some basing information and tips, some stand alone models (Warhammer Chaos Lord of Nurgle and Cairn Wraith) along with some Orks and Eldar further down the line.

Lastly for now, next month I'll be buying my airbrush. I've been doing some saving up for a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1 so it'll be a good little treat and hopefully an excellent tool.

There I'll leave it for now (I'm a little tired of typing). I'm off shopping to Dark Sphere to spend a little Christmas money....
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