Monday, 24 October 2011

Vindicare Assassin: Painted

I've been posting on this blog for about two years now. Some posts have been good, some have rambled along and failed to make much of a useful point (see last post!).

One thing there has never been in all this time is a 100% painted model. So here it is - an actual finished model - the Vindicare Assassin.

I've had this guy in one of my model cases for years and years, since the assassins were first released in the mid 90's. With the release of the recent Grey Knight codex and the subsequent hype for his new rules I decided to give him a go in an up coming game.

The only problem was that he was painted a decade ago, with a speckle camo rifle (by flicking a paint-coated toothbrush), a Space Wolf grey body suit and the old school goblin green base; I should have taken a photo. Into a simple green bath he went and popped out a couple of hours later good as new.

You'll also see he's been re-based as the standard Ork skull doesn't quite fit with the rest of my GK basing. I was lucky to find a nicely angled, if a little big, piece of slate to replace it. Add in a couple of MaxMini skulls and he's looking pretty good:

He was undercoated with GW Chaos Black spray then base coated with Vallejo German Black. His synskin body glove was highlighted with gradual mixes of Vallejo German Black and Vallejo Cold Grey (game colour).

His webbing straps are base coated Mechrite Red followed by Vallejo Flat Red then Vallejo Vermillion. His eye lens was done the same as this with a further highlight of Blazing Orange and Blazing Orane + Skull White.

His base is Bestial Brown drybrushed with Snakebite Leather. The skulls are those two followed by Vallejo British Tankcrew Highlight (Panzer Aces) and a very light dry brush of Bleached Bone. The slate I wanted to paint as slate (kind of pointless spraying it black) so that was a base of Charadon Granite followed with a light drybrush of Dheneb Stone.

Finally the metal areas of the gun and spy mask is all either Boltgun Metal or Boltgun Metal darkened with Vallejo Black. A wash of Badab Black and a highlight of Chainmail or Mirthril Silver and all done

I literally only just noticed I've forgotten to paint his pack!

Hope you like him. He's not perfect. It's my first time highlighting a model like this and I think it's maybe a little too subtle so I might go back with a few lighter patches. The gun probably needs some edge high lights too but all that will come once I've had a little more practice.

So there you have it - a real life painted model on Rebels Grotto, who'd have thought?!
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