Monday, 13 February 2012

From The Chopping Board - True/Art Scale Marine

Yesterday I posted my month of Hobby Limbo and included a shot of a few components for a True Scale/Art Scale (anyone know the difference?) Marine.

Click on to read more with some better detail shots...

The challenge is to make a Space Marine version of myself. It's for a 'just for fun' competition on B&C which you can once again check out here. People are getting their entries in, though we have until the end of the month. 

I wanted to do something a little challenging and, after spending quite a bit of time on one of my new favourite sites - Master of the Forge - I decided to try a full size Marine. 

How to make him like me though? Well, I gave him my hair style and, as I have the traditional nerd illness of asthma, I used a respirator head for it. This was attempt number one and, despite just realising I did my fringe the wrong way, I was happy enough to keep it.

I was going to do him as a Blood Angel as they were my first ever Marine chapter. After a bit of thought though I've changed my mind. I wanted something more specific so chose one of the strips used by the football (proper football, not the American, rugby in armour kind) team Blackburn Rovers - my home town - use. 

Hopefully the armour will look something like this:

Now. Credit where credit's due. I didn't know where to start with this and have to give a proper shout out to Lamenter from MotF for his tutorials. Stuff like this that makes blogs and the internet in general so, so useful for us learner modellers! Go check his site out folks, it's full of good stuff.

And so, on with the model. Here's a size comparison shot (currently held together with Blu-Tac):

And a couple of detail bits; first up the converted Grey Knight sword. I cut off the second hand and replaced the pommel with one from a falchion. Also trimmed off the little force sword box:

Also in shot here is the widened backpack. The green stuff on his shoulder
is where the proper pad will sit.
The other detail I added which isn't part if the previously mentioned tutorial was some cable detail to the backpack:

This was because, with his eagle mantle (?), the pack has to sit further from the body so I had to use very boring looking plasticard spacers. The tubes help to hide them.

I still need to tidy up his shoulders and sculpt in his stomach and left hand. Hopefully be done with the build tonight as I'm off to hospital tomorrow for a very exciting hernia operation! I'll be back at this guy by Wednesday though I hope so maybe another progress report by then.
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