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From the Chopping Board - Chaplain and BA Character Kit Bash

Back in July I did a post called 'Chopping Board Teaser'. It was essentially a bit of a space filler, a way around 'writers block'...i.e at the time I didn't have too much to post so I took pictures of lots of little bits and filed a post with them!

To this day it is my most viewed post on this blog...

Damn. I say damn because if I knew it'd get looked at so much I'd have made it better!! Ah, hindsight!

So, here is the renamed number two of what I hope to be a semi-regular post showing what I'm up to with some different models and some work in progress shots and so on.

Obviously there's been a lot of work going on on the Stormraven which has been taking up a lot of time here and there, but it has it's own series of posts so I'll leave it be in those. Between working on that I decided to get the tools out and work on a couple of metal models I've had for a month or two. Here's how it went:

I bought the Gabriel Seth model on it's release with the intention of changing the head for a helmet and using it as a Blood Champion type character. After drilling out the head to leave the collar in place I slowly realised that ALL regular marine helmets didn't fit. This was a big pain and I put him in the bits box.

(Don't worry, pictures are coming)

I then bought Lemartes as a power armoured foot Chaplain. I didn't look at him properly though and hadn't realised he had the jump pack straps all over his chest. Another plan foiled (I was too lazy to file his whole chest down and re-sculpt some detail).

I went to put him in the bits box too and then realised - would Lemartes' arms fit Seth's body? The answer was yes, and they looked pretty sweet. My new chaplain was born!

That meant I needed a helmet. I looked at the Chaplain Head from Chapterhouse studios and the Skull Tribe Master set from MaxminiNeither suited the image I had in my head though.  Then I came across this tutorial by Ron at From The Warp. The semi sculpted conversion is really nice and very versatile. I went with it. Here's a shot of the result:

The skull is taken from a spare beastman banner I had spare. The rest simply follows Ron's tutorial so check it out! The joints are pinned and the slight gaps filled with milliput. The right arm joint was then built up a little as it's very open from the body. I think the joint 'ribbing' leaves quite a bit to be desired looking at it now...oh well. I also built up under the shoulder pad a little.

There he is in all his glory. In this photo above you can see that Seth's Flesh Tearer logo was removed from the chest and that I've added a skull to cover the blood drop on Lemartes' shoulder pad - very conveniently making the Angels Sanguine logo. The base is a piece from the Games Workshop resin basing set. 

This photo above shows his Rosarius which I cut from another piece of the GW basing set and his back pack which has been in the bits box for a long, long time; it's from the Azrael model if I remember rightly. Here's a few pictures of him with a chaos black undercoat to show him more clearly:

* * * * * * * *

Next up was a case of "Well, if Lemartes' arms fit Seth, does it work the other way round?". Yes my friends, yes it does. This guy is very work in progress right now - i.e I blu-tacked him together just for this photo - so there's a million mould lines and he's very silvery etc:

Ah, I see you noticed the giant-winged jump pack? That would be Astorath's. The original Lemartes jump pack looked a bit too much like just Lemartes with a huge sword, so I wanted something different. I went with Astorath's as, unlike the Sanguinor's, the wings are separate to his pack so (as I'm undecided about them) I can leave them off should I wish. 

Lemartes comes sculpted to a little rocky outcrop base. Two minutes with the hacksaw and that was no longer the case. His legs are still perfectly posed for the mid-jump style of these 'fancier' jump packs, though his soles will need a slight greenstuff re-sculpt but that should be pretty minor. 

So, what do you all think? Not bad for a first Chaplain helmet attempt and a  metal kit bash I think? No idea what I can use the Lemartes/Seth/Astorath combination for in game but I'll find a way, it's too cool!
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