Monday, 22 November 2010

Stormraven Part 3.5

A mini update of the days progress - almost complete!

Morning all,

Here's a little update to aid you all in easing yourselves back into being at work after the weekend!

As mentioned in Part 3 things have really come along this weekend. Getting the two main halves together has really allowed for some good progression. Yesterday I got on with building and fixing in the front panels with the light and lens arrays and added the small front wings I built back in Part 2:

Click to enlarge
 The multi meltas were also attached and green stuffed and milliputted into place (one's from a very old attack bike, the other from an old landspeeder). The Angel Sanguine badge with the skull and wings will not stay there, Im going to add some panel detail then maybe put it back on top. The milliput has all been sanded down too leaving smooth flat plates.

Next job was working on the back of the craft. In the original design I forgot to place the engines. After playing around with various mid-wing locations I wan't happy so decided to shorted them and mount them in the rear of the body like this:

Click to enlarge

The above picture also shows some of the different internal support for the panel work. If you enlarge the photo you can see plasticard angle support at the front. The rest is the foam board cut to length/angle to support as needed. Hopefully this will give the whole model some strength to be picked up and played with every now and again.

I then cut the back 'lid' and tacked on the central intake spine and the rear wing - both parts from the converted Valkyrie model:

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 All that's left to work on on that is box in the front segments of the engines where they meet the body and add some details to the plain panels to break up the flat surfaces a little bit.

Next stop was some salvaged jet thruster nozzles from a Tau Battlesuit which I also heartlessly chopped up:

Click to enlarge
The idea with these is that they're going to add an occasional bit of thrust for manoeuvres, landing, taking off and so on. They also slightly break up the (very flat) underside of the model.

That's pretty much where we're at now with this beast. The underside panel and door still needs doing but, hopefully, that'll be quite a simple task no the basic shape is done. After that the lascannons need placing, as do the missiles. I also need to make a grill for the top air intake and add some kind of detail to various panels to break up and the plain flatness.

I'll leave you with the next picture which is a shot of the side profile (so it can be compared to the original design at the top) and a couple of others to show some detail and scale.

Click to enlarge
Top Down
Dramatic Action Pose!!
Anyone else think it looks a bit like  frog?
That's all for now, comments welcome - last chance for any changes!
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