Thursday, 9 December 2010

Angels Sanguine - War Is Coming a.k.a My First Game This Decade

Today is a momentous day dear reader! December 9th 2010 will forever go down in history as the day I returned to playing Warhammer 40,000!

What? That wasn't too much of an anticlimax was it?

I think the last time I played was somewhere between 1998 and 2000. Rusty is an understatement. I missed all of 4th edition and 5th is taking some getting used to. Here's hoping practice makes perfect! Army list and a couple of pics coming up, and a report to follow tomorrow.
So at 5pm GMT I'll be in GW Plaza here in London with my little red men and two thirds of a Stormraven facing down a friends 'Logan wing' (all terminator Space Wolves) which is a petty fully converted Chaos terminator army counting as the Space Wolf list.

The thing that's worrying me at the moment is the terminators. This is a problem when you're facing an army made exclusively of terminators. 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable vs my array of chainswords, bolt pistols and flamers is going to be rough.

Squad 1 left, Squad 2 right, Sanguinary Priest front.
The 'core' of my list is two assault squads (RAS) supported by a Sanguinary Priest (SP) as you can see above. Each of these squads will hit on the charge with 29-30 attacks. Hopefully, with my force's extra manoeuvrability (due to the jump packs) it'll be me getting the charges, I really can't afford not to as I'll lose 10 attacks if charged. With the SP within 6" they'll at least be striking first over most of the opposition and the +1 strength will help too. 

Squad one has two flamers which will probably be useless for the most part (although against 5 man terminator squads they can add a lot of strength 4 hits pre-charge with some good template positioning) and their Sgt has paired lightning claws so at least he'll get 4 attacks on the charge, and those re-rollable hits will be needed!

Squad two will be combat squadded in case I need to send their lone melta gun off to deal with a tank of some sort. The other half will likely stick with squad one to help with assaults and add their Sgt's power weapon attacks to the combat.

Finally the SP got a jump pack so he can keep up and an infernus pistol in case any armour assistance is needed. He'll be staying as far at the back of one squad as possible as, ideally, I'd like him within 6" but not actually making it to combat so he won't die as quickly!

Recluisarch, DC, DCD, Stormraven and Vangaurd with second Priest
Here is the rest of the army. These are (hopefully) the hard units that'll be getting through more of those dirty Chaos Wolves. It consists of the Recluisarch accompanied by 5 Death Company (DC) and a Death Company Dreadnought (DCD) all in the Stormraven and 5 Vanguard Veterans (VV) along with a second Sanguinary Priest (SP).

I LOVE DC. They're my favourite unit of all Space Marines. These guys are armed with two power weapons and a fist. The Reclisarch will let the re-roll failed hits and failed wounds and, between them, have 37 attacks on the charge. Combine that with furious charge and if these guys don't damage some temries I'm going to be VERY upset. 

They'll be in the Stormraven which as multi melta and lascannons. I'm annoyed I've not finished the model but I'm moving house so haven't had chance (plus all the plasticard is packed away). I gave it extra armour as I need it to keep moving under the inevitable fire and also a locator beacon (LB). The LB is important as it allows me to drop my DC and the DCD whilst moving flat out (24") without them scattering. This will be very useful if thee's no where safe to park the 'raven, though they wouldn't be able to charge that turn. The other reason I have it is to guide in the VV. I can't afford this to get shot down turn one so it'll probably start in reserve and come in exactly when I need it (unlikely).

The VV are in the list to deep strike on to the Stormraven using it's LB. They have three power weapons and a thunder hammer, along with an infernus pistol. I'm hoping they'll make it in at a similar time to the Stormraven which would mean anything in that area is going to be getting charged and hopefully slaughtered the turn they arrive! If the priest comes in at the same time he'll be following them (though not joining them as they'd lose Heroic Intervention) within 6" to grant furious charge and feel no pain. 

Finally the DCD will be cruising in also on the 'raven. When this guy lands I'll either send him off against individual stragglers or let him help the DC or VV. Blood Talons are my new favourite toy, their additional attack rolls can be very, very handy with a little luck!

Overall this is all this is all theory. I'm guessing. The only way to find out how 'the plan' works will be in the game. Seeing as I don't know all the rules off by heart I'm not holding my breath. There's also things I must avoid - like Logan Grimnar - so we'll see how it pans out I guess!

Here's the whole army and the list:

Recluisarch                                      130

Sanguinary Priest                              90
Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol
Sanguinary Priest                              75
Jump Pack

RAS                                                230
Sgt Lightning Claw x2, 
Flamer x2
RAS                                                215
Sgt Power Weapon, Melta Bombs
Melta Gun

DC x5                                              155 
Power Weapon x2, Power Fist

DC Drednought                                  135
Heavy Flamer, Blood Talons

Vanguard Veterans                             240
Power Weapon x2, Thunder Hammer, Infernus Pistol
Jump Packs

Stormraven                                       230
Extra Armour, Locator Beacon

So, there you go. We'll see who lives and who dies and I'll come and feed back some bits and bobs tomorrow. Any thoughts or comment, as always, are welcome so feel free to leave something below, I might just learn from it!
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