Sunday, 18 July 2010

Chopping Board Teaser

Hey all, after the older pictures the other day I thought I'd put up some slightly more current WIP info. I'll be adding to and expanding the work in progress elements on here over the next week or so as I get pictures done of all the half finished projects I've been working on (there's a whole lot).

Here are the mechanical arms for my Ork Big Mek conversion. He's going to be armed with a burna and kustom force field (KFF). I'm not a huge fan of the KFF back pack so thought I'd build something a bit more adventurous. 
The two non-weapon arms are the KFF projectors, made from the Grot prod from the Grot box set. You can see the before and after here with the prongs on and then removed. I've made him bionic arms too, I'll post a picture of those soon.

Next up an admittedly slightly less exciting picture, a Loota deffgun plus a kustom mega-blasta from the Burna Boy/Loota box = kustom mega-blasta arm for my Killa Kans! Got two of these on the go, one thing that's actually made it to being painted!

O.K, my bad for the blurry photo, didn't realise until I uploaded just now so apologies there. This is an arm from a Nurgle Terminator Lord-type-character I started working in a very long time ago! Based on the Terminator Chaplain model this arm has the fist swapped to one from an older Chaos Lord power armour model. Again, more pictures of this dude will follow soon (it says teaser in the title so I can't give too much away!)

Enough of that for now. Next post will show progress on one of these models in more detail so you won't be left guessing quite so much!

Hope you've had a good weekend,


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