Sunday, 30 September 2012

Now Stripping: 2nd Ed. Imperial Guard Allies

As mentioned the other day in my Vendetta conversion post I'm adding Imperial Guard to my force for the upcoming Throne of Skulls tournament at Warhammer World.

I have 20 days and need to paint 40 Guard! At my rate this is going to be a real nightmare.

Before these guys take the plunge into simple green I thought I'd photo and post them, partly for nostalgia and partly so we'll hopefully see improvements in the next three weeks!

The models I'm taking are three 10 man squads with autocannon and vox, a platoon command and a company command, both with autocannon and vox again. Along with the Vendetta they're replacing the Devastators, an Assault Squad and a Priest.

I have two squads of Cadians, three shown above. One squad includes the first full model I ever painted, many moons ago:

And, despite that you can see how thick the paint I used was, I'm quite proud of some of the detail:

Who remembers 2nd Edition camo? Green red and yellow plus white shell cases?

One Cadian  have is painted differently, their new scheme will look quite similar to this old alternative I think:

The third squad will be Valhallans which are currently painted two different schemes:

I also bought a few on eBay to top up the squad, check these guys' hypercolour uniforms:

Impressive huh?

Finally the platoon will be joined by one of my all time favourite models. The most arrogant Commisar model around, with the tallest hat and, of course, sunglasses!

These guys, along with a few of their friends are off into the stripping tub this evening and will hopefully emerge nice and silver in a couple of days. Then it's paint like a maniac for 2.5 weeks and hopefully, manage a game to see how to actually use them!

I'm likely to be lacking decent updates as our net will cut off today for a new phone line to be put in. I'll have a post ready for my return in a fortnight though, hopefully with some nicely painted mini's!

Have a good week all :)
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