Friday, 7 September 2012

Back In Action!

Just like Prince Harry (sort of...not really), I'm finally back in action!

The main differences being he's been hanging out in L.A with nude girls and Olympians, I've been trying to move flat. He's off to Afghanistan, I moved to north London.

Anyway. He's back, I'm back, the nation is happy.

Enough nonsense. I finally moved, got everything sorted and set up. I don't have the freedom of being in the front room anymore, but managed to rent a room with enoug space for a permanent set up. Pretty much the same as it used to be:

So, with all that ready to go, what's next? My group has been playing a little more Malifaux. I actually understood almost two whole games last week and another of the 40K group is buying a crew. To that extent expect to see some of the models for Colette and the Viktorias coming up.

40K-wise I've done very little. I bought Dark Vengeance and want to swap Chaos for more Dark Angels, will see how that goes. I'm also heading back to Throne of Skulls in October and really need to sort myself out for that. I need to be able to cope with flyers and terminators to some extent. I don't have the time to really add much into the list though, will have to ee how it goes I guess.

Beyond that I'm about to do a post about some Kingdom Death stuff I bought recently, that should be up over the weekend.

I also bought Zombiecide:

So have a HUGE number of zombies and survivors to paint once I pick it up, including parody versions of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Uma Therman as The Bride and Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction. It' going to be fun!

See you all soon!
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