Sunday, 23 September 2012

From The Chopping Board - Easy Vendetta Conversion

It's been a while since I did one of the ever popular From The Chopping board posts.

Along with two friends I'm heading back to Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World next month. Imperial Guard allies are along for the ride with the Angels Sanguine with a Vendetta included in their number.

I've been busy digging out all my old metal Guard guys, it'll probably be the next post later in the week as I start to strip and re-paint them. For now, here's a nice, simple way of getting a cool looking (I think) Vendetta.

Parts required:

1 x Valkyrie kit
2 x Razorback twin lascannon
1 x additional Valkyrie lascannon

On most bits sites you aren't looking at more than £5 for those lascannons - not bad compared to Forgeworlds £16 conversion set. I've also seen them done with Predator lascannon sponsons.

If, like me, you have Space Marines, it's likely you already have the Razorback parts. I luckily also had the Valk lascannon from when I used a Valkyrie to build my original Stormraven.

First things first, glue the two paired lascannons together and clip off he cables:

Next up trim down the jagged bottom edge along the line of the armour casing (the line where the studs are). Do this carefully, a fine saw will give you a good flat edge:

Now carefully - as carefully as possible...very carefully - slice off the lascannon muzzles from just behind the flash guard:

As you'll see, I already drilled out the barrels, it's easier to do it than risking breaking your carefully glued joint later. Now, I made an emphasis of carefully because you don't want to have to rebuild more barrel than you need too. It's really one of those jobs where a fresh knife blade work wonders to get a clean, smooth cut.

Tidy the two cut edges up then re-glue them back on upside down:

I glued them on the wing next to where the missile is usually located. If you wanted the extra fiddling you could trim that down too, I couldn't be bothered though to be honest!

Then add the wing to the Valkyrie body and Bob's your uncle:

Repeat that for the other side and tat's to of the three twin lascannon taken care of. Next up it's the hull mounted ones. Forgeworld doubled these up on one side but a) that gives a blind spot in games (though they can't really traverse anyway so probably wouldn't be an issue) and b) is a more complicated task. I decided to mount the second one on th other side of the cockpit instead of the light/sensor panel.

See above the angled corners to fit in the housing on the model. All you need to do to fit the other one is match that.

And the result:
Then just mount it in the regular housing:

And that's it, three easy and cheap twin linked lascannons for smiting those armoured and monstrous foes!

Hope it's of use to those Googling this like I did! Here's the finished look:

Pew! Pew! Pew! ZOOOOOOOM
It's up for painting tomorrow...looking forward to it :)
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