Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kingdom Death - Unboxing

Kingdom Death, if you haven't already heard of it, is a manufacturer of 'Boutique Nightmare Horror' miniatures. They produce some of the prettiest and, in some cases, most controversial models of the last couple of years.

So, what's all the fuss about, and what exactly do you get for your $25 (average) mini?

I recently ordered two models from K.D so thought I'd share the unboxing experience with a few pictures to show you what they're up to.

Most people will know Kingdom Death (KD) for their Wet Nurse model (don't google it if you are at work, not safe). There was a lot of discussion about this model pushing boundaries of taste, with people either loving or really hating it.

What ever your opinion it sold out very fast. Then the second run sold out very fast. Then the plastic reissue sold out, you guessed it, really fast. There are various other models of theirs that have sold out fast and been better (less arguments) received, and sold out more than once. The Flower Knight for example:

Pictures from Kingdom Death
I now have four KD models and am a little too nervous to start building and, especially, painting them. My most recent purchase was two models, a first run of the King's Hand and a second edition of  King's Men. When you pay $25 (about £16) at KD I personally think you're getting a pretty good deal. Here's how they come:

They arrive in a pretty standard but sturdy box. The black tissue is a nice touch padding out the box and saving them rattling around. Funny how a bit of tissue makes things feel premium - posh shops do the same.

Each model comes with an art card for it. They used to come in a nice plastic sleeve, my last two didn't though :(

First editions come with a numbered certificate. On the right it the little insert from an older model. The newer version, for the King's Hand on the left, is on glossy paper and signed too, another nice touch.

So you open up the little card box and receive a model specific small card and a generic KD card o the top. Underneath the model comes in standard snap top bags:

The base is actually two pieces, a 30mm bottom and a slightly smaller insert. Talking of the base, another nice touch:

I tried o fiddle with the shade on this to show the image. There's an eagle motif with I (heart) Poots on the bottom of the bases - Adam Poots is the creator of Kingdom Death.

From here in it's all about the model. The little details on these guys is easily up there with Studio McVey and Forgeworld. Some of the detail is extremely small. The Forsaker is wearing a mask, but looking closely you can see his teeth behind the mask. Click the link and check out the third thumbnail (it is work safe this time).

Here's the head of the King's Hand:

Standard little penny for size comparison
So he has a tiny face on his helmet. He also has brains across the top of it:

Similarly the bodies are filled with details you notice each time you look:

The King's Men has hands creeping everywhere - oer his gauntlet, on hi shin and round his thigh.

And here's the body of the King's Hand. There's just detail everywhere. Sorry the picture isn't super crisp.

So, there you go. A brief overview of what you can expect from KD. They've started trying to work with plastic so I'l be interested to see how that goes. In the mean time sign up to their news letter. I'm looking forward to a release of their GenCon models which looked awesome!

Back to 40K and Malifaux for the next few posts, hope this was a nice break from the norm.

G'bye all :)
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