Saturday, 3 November 2012

So I Almost Won Throne of Skulls...Or Not

I'm a glamorous chap huh?? Two weeks ago two friends and I returned to Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World.

Between us we ere equipped with Grey Knights (Draigowing) IG (mixed) and Angels Sanguine/Guard ally (me). My list:

Sang Priest

5 DC, power fist
DC Dread, talons
RAS, 2xmelta, fist
Attack Bike, m.melta
Attack Bike, m.melta
Stormraven, ass.cannon, m.melta

Company Commnd Sqd
Platoon Command Sqd
Infantry Sqd x 3
All these 5 had autocannon and vox, plus a Commisar with the Infantry

I'll keep this brief as I can't get the photo's on properly. I SUCKED. Last time I managed 2,2,1. This time I was very much 1,4,0. I lost FOUR. I know. Oh well. 

So imagine my (incredible) surprise when I got called up for best Blood Angel player?!!! I actually mouthed 'how' while having the poto taken for GW's website! So, there I am at the top of the page with my certificate. This made me think two things - my opponents must have LOVED me - at ToS you get either 1, 3 or 5 points depending on if you got 0-1, 2 or 3+ best game votes. I also concluded hat BA got owned at the tournament. To win anything with 4 losses is crazy! When the results were handed out after the awards I thought I'd best check. Loe and behold they had me down with two wins. 


Give it back and not be the 'winner' or keep it and bask in the false glory?? After all of a few seconds thought I went up to the events team and showed them the mistake and the correct dude. He beat me by a point in the end. Luckily he was still there so I was able to pass on the award. 

It's likely this'll be the closest I'll ever be to winning a tournament, and if I win on having fun games and the fact I was the most fun guy to play then that's awesome! 

On a slightly bitter note, not so fitting with the above, my 4th game, while fun, was spoiled by some rules errors. I believed what my opponent said regarding our weapons are useless but, instead of fleeing he just broke them off combat and shot up my Dread and Raven. As it happens they should have been destroyed for fleeing off the board, leaving my two hard units in the game. I think I'd therefore have won...guess I should have kept the certificate ;)

Anyway, I'm back online, still re-painting the Guard which I'm taking my time with as I'm enjoying it! Updates soon.

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