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Angels Sanguine - Recent Battles And A Little Paint

 A bit of a general catch up today including how I've gone on playing a few games and the start of covering my Bolter and Chainsword painting pledge.

My last Angels Sanguine post was prior to Christmas and my recent vanishing act. In that time I've played 5 games and learnt quite a lot so I'll start with that.

My army has been the same for each of these games, apart from a slight confusion with points which meant I played games 2,3 and 4 about 50-70 points short (!) but that was my mistake so we'll talk no more about it! Here's the line up:

2 x Sanguinary Priest
   Both with jump packs, one with infernus pistol
2 x 10 Assault Marines
   Sqd with sgt (2x lightning claws), melta and flamer
   Sqd with sgt (power sword, melta bomb) melta and flamer
5 x Death Company
   2 power weapons, power fist
Death Company Dreadnought
   Blood talons, heavy flamer
5 x Vanguard Veterans
   2 x additional power weapons, thunder hammer, infernus pistol, jump packs
   Extra armour, lascannon, multi-melta (assault cannon in place of lascannon games 4 and 5)
                                                                                   1,500 points

Games 1-4 were against Loganwing - Space Wolf terminator army - proxied as the vile Chaos. here's some brief (unfortunately picture-less) summaries:

Game 1
I was facing 5x 5 man Wolf Guard terminator squads with Logan, a Rune Priest and a Lone Wolf in three drop pods. Had this game ended turn 5 it was in the bag for me as I had one objective to his none. Unfortunately I had two assault marines on it not in cover and an immobilised dreadnought. The game carried on and those marines quickly perished. 
Lesson Learned
I discovered the drop pod assault rule when, having deployed well behind a building, they landed and halved my troops - I didn't know they'd come in first turn.

Game 2
No Rune Priest or Lone Wolf this game but there was now 3x 5 man squads and a Thunder Wolf Lord with 3x Thunder Wolf escorts. This game was better and again was looking to be quite close. I was left with my 5 Recluisarch, DC and the DC dreadnought. He had Logan and 4 termies. Then he pointed out I had to attack the drop pods due to rage. Ah. 
Lesson Learned
Learn to work with rage. Destroy things that will spoil your most killy unit's game. The DC and Dread ended up charging each pod (they didn't have to but the hope was they'd not destroy it and be safe from the shooting) which they killed and got shot to pieces by the cyclone missiles and storm bolters.

Game 3
I don't remember much about game three apart from that is was kill points and I got thoroughly beaten and my Vanguard had a deep strike mishap and died. Not good for around 250 points. 
Lesson Learned
Make note so there's something to write about!


Game 4
Kill points again and the only game where I had a proper 'plan'. Deployment was dawn of war and my assault squads started spread along my table with the priests. The raven started on the table too and was instantly taken out by the podded termies landing next to it. The DC got out and wiped the off the table. His wolves and other termies all ended up deploying on my left. My whole army finally used it's speed and moved over to the right. This left his termies relatively stranded and his thunder wolves crossing the table. Their charge was met by the DC and a 10 man squad while the VV dropped in and wiped out Logan and squad in two rounds. Kill points was something like 7-5 to me. I did have a blob of one VV, one priest and one assault marine though - had he hit them (if the game hadn't ended) that would have been three points for those three models. 
Lesson Learned
Use the armies natural strengths, divide and conquer, combine units against big threats.

So, a pretty interesting experience overall. I have to give a big shout out and thank you to Nurglez from Bolter and Chainsword at this point for tolerating my poor memory and bare bones grasp of current rules! He's been a very patient and good spirited opponent!

Gee-whizz! From Tabletop Teek, a rather excellent blog!

Game 5
This was last week and against Orks. Something along the lines of 2x 15 Lootas, 1 Dread, 3x Kans, Big KFF Mek in a truk with boys and another at the back with more boys, then a few more boys too. 
This was like back to basics for me - starting again, it was just such a different opponent  after the few models all hard as nails to kill with great shooting and combat of te wolves to lots of models with lots of dice or everything. I didn't consider basics like that these were squads I could break, that my stat's were superior in most areas etc. I just saw lots of models, thought about how hard it is to kill 5 terminators with just chainswords and ended up...hesitating. To make it worse I deep struck in combat squads and watched everyone get wiped out by Lootas. The vanguard were set after the wrong unit, the raven was popped when it came on and left the DC failing to hurt the kans (who managed to destroy the DC dread 1st round).
It was, for want of a better term, one of 'those' games. I killed 3 kans, the dread and maybe about 5 boys. He killed all but a few DC and one sergeant. I called it with these models left as I had zero chance of getting anywhere near either objective. Oh well. 
Lesson Learned
Kill Lootas. Remember what you learn from other games; I didn't do any of what worked in game four. I enjoyed the game, I had some bad luck (another deep strike mishap and some shocking dice) but it was good to play another guy, and especially another army.

So, hopefully will be playing again with this circle of guys, it's definitely good to be back rolling dice!

On the model front there' some bits I'll be posting separately and some now. I bought a new DC dreadnought I'll show soon when it's painted (it's the stock build for once) and also a Furioso I'll probably post tomorrow or Wednesday (new and old versions combined). 

Last month I did (possibly foolishly) sign up to Bolter and Chainsword's Librarium Painting Challenge. There's no reward as such, it's just good old fashioned motivation to put some paint on some plastic, and I need constantly motivating! Here's what I said I'd get finished:

Recluisarch (which I converted here), both Sanguinary Guard and the 5 Vanguard Veterans. Here's how a few are looking with their halved base coats and flocked bases:

At this stage it's super simple - black base coat, army painter dragon red spray then chaos black for their left sides. Helmets will be bronze/gold. I need to learn how to paint power weapons sharpish!

Lastly here's a slightly more close up pc of the Recluisarch for those that haven't seen him before:

That's all for now, will hopefully be getting some more work in on these later today and I'll maybe even manage regular updates for once!

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