Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dark Eldar Killteam

Just after Christmas I had a bad case of "New Shiny Syndrome". The Dark Eldar had just come out a few weeks previously. I wanted them. All of them.

Buying a whole new army was not an option though as I only had a £20 gift voucher. What to do?

At the time my local GW was running a 200 point Killteam campaign so I decided to treat myself to 'just' 200 points worth of these evil little elves!

I bought one Wych box and one Kabalite Warrior box (the Wychs were sold out round London - I had to cycle to three different stores) and came up with the following, small, list:

10 Kabalite Warriors with Blaster and Splinter Cannon
6 Wychs including Hekatrix with Venom Blade and one Wych with Hydra Gauntlets

A nice round 200 points.

Fluff wise I love the idea of a few 'stragglers' from a typical Dark Eldar raid being left behind then just terrorizing an underhive or such like until finally running into some resistance (be it an Imperial purge squad or a Genestealer nest).

The Hekatrix would assume charge by killing the Warriors' Syrabite - gaining their respect and obedience (for now). To represent the Hekatrix I couldn't resist an excuse to buy the super cool Lilith model. I epuipped her with the Impaler option to represent the Venom Blade and added a couple of resin skulls to the base:

This model is such a fine sculpt that I didn't actually have a small enough drill bit to pin the back arm. No dropping this girl or there'll be tears!

The rest of the Wych squad is already undercoated which meant they're a pain to photograph with the current camera I'm using. two of them were very camera shy and I couldn't get a decent picture. The others are here :

The left Wych is the only boy in the squad so I gave him the coolest
weapon so he didn't feel too left out.
Plus D6 attacks every turn? Yes please.
The Hydra Gauntlet model (above) has come out with a cool martial arts fighting stance. The masked face and trophy pole make this model pretty sinister I think.

For the Warriors it was a pretty straight forward  as, with the Splinter Rifles, their pose options are limited. The fist model at the top of this post has one of the Wych knifes I had spare and I'm really happy with his pose. Here's a couple of pictures of some of the other ladies and gents:

Blaster and Splinter Cannon
Warrior on the right uses the Wych trophy back pack
So that's the models. a very short review of these two kits (for those of you that haven't seen them up close and personal yet). Both sets have plenty of options. Both sets give more than enough heads and plenty of extra weapons and blade-y bits. The scale is very fine, especially when I'm used to smoothing down nice chunky marines - you'll see what I mean if you ever try to shave the mould lines off a 1.5mm thick chain flai! The detail is great though, they all have pouches and sheathed knives etc all round their waists, the faces are really nice and mixing and matching your boys and girls is kind of cool to boot. Anyway, you can see how pretty they are so make your own judgements!

Lastly, another new thing I'm trying out for these chaps, Vallejo paints. I know I'll be using a fair bit of black but I wanted some nice bright colours for hair and all that jazz. I decided on pinky-purpley-bluey colours and very pale skin:

So, there you have it. These guys are next on the painting table when I finally finish on the Angels Sanguine Vanguard I've been chipping away at. I'm really looking forward to painting something which a) isn't red and b) isn't  a marine.

Hopefully there'll be an update sooner than usual!
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