Thursday, 17 March 2011

Speedy Catch Up!

It's been  right old jumble this week. Here's a quick catch up...

Hi all, it's been highs and lows galore at the grotto this week. I've managed to crash my bike (new wheel = £100), lose my iPod (£190!? They didn't used to coast that much)and have my phone stolen (£140 plus mass inconvenience!). So to console myself I did what I do best, I bought a new model!

I got one of the Death Korps Commisars from Forgeworld and a Blood Angel Transfer sheet for the Angels Sanguine logos on there. Good old Forgeworld quality at it's best:

Who needs a straight power sword anyway? Hopefully it'll be ok to sort out but I'm a little wary as it's by far the thinnest component I've needed to straighten, I just have to wait for the Mrs to return from holiday with her hair dryer!

I also treated myself  to a few select parts from the excellent Bits and Kits when they re-stoked all their 40k ranges. Two apothecary sets, a couple of Ravenwing techmarine heads and a lascannon for my Ang Sang expansion to 2,000 points. I also got some resin parts - Korvydae's thunder hammer and some Ork back packs. These'll all be making an appearance soon.

Then there's the advance orders for the Grey Knights that have gone up...I'd really like a set to work up a Librarian and honour guard, I need to work on what I've got though!

On the marine's front I've got a lot of bits done. Unfortunately the pictures aren't all coming out so you'll have to trust me that I've worked on the frag cannon Furioso and the Stormraven (click the links to see what they were like in their last posts). I've also cracked on with the painting of the Vanguard today; they're starting to look ok, though I'm still experimenting with reds and blacks.

Here's where I was at this morning:

The camera blanks out the grey over the black but there's a noticable difference between the two from mixing  GW chaos black with Vallejo German grey

Also I've worked a little on the priests with some of my oldest paints:

Shadow Grey base for the white areas...

...followed by SW Grey. Skull white next.

It's been hard work getting back into the painting side of the hobby, I find I only really make progress when I have at least 3-4 hours to spare. Since these photo's I've done a layer of Vallejo flat red, based their weapons black and their helmets tin bitz with a devlan mud wash. Another producitve day tomorrow should see me working towards them being table ready, then I can make time for the Recluisarch

I'll update when the camera decides to behave so check back soon!
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