Wednesday, 2 March 2011

From The Chopping Board - Furioso Old To New

I've owned the original metal Furioso dreadnought since my second edition 40k days. It's served well, even in it's recent role as a stand in Death Company version.

With the new model released at the start of this month I had a 'real' DC dreadnought, so I decided to load up th metal furioso with all the spare new toys from the box...

I got my hands on some Simple Green recently as I wanted to try it out after people on every forum praising it's ability to strip paint. I managed to break apart the super glue bonds quite easily and dunked the parts in their bath. Within two hours I had a bunch of brand new looking parts! Simple Green lived up to the hype this time.

Main components - a mixture of old and new Furioso kits.

Next up came combining the two kits' parts. The metal arm joints are a little thicker than the plastic ones so I carefully shaved out about 1mm of the hole in the Frag Cannon arm (centre of picture above), checking it a few times to make sure it was still a snug fit. The Blood Fist (right of picture) fit straight onto the older metal arm without any work so that was simple. The Magna Grapple I'd hoped to magnetise as an option. Unfortunately it fits like this:

Sorry for the dark picture. There's a big dirty old gap at either side and also at the back which meant that magnetising it became too big a deal. Realising this I decided to just work it onto the metal body as a permanent upgrade. Several minutes and some milliput later:

This is a fairly rough infill round all the edges. I'm doing another layer after I've written this which I'll then shave down to be smooth the the grapple and the dreadnought.

Last job was to make a cool base. I'm usually really lazy with bases but I've enjoyed doing a few recently and this was no exception. Using two pieces of GW's basing kit etched brass, a couple of different grades of sand/gravel, some home made barbed wire and the obligatory resin skull I got this:

Pretty pleased with how it came out although I need a good way to seal the gravel on better - there's always a bit more falls off. Any tips?

So, there we have him. A couple of purity seals and the Magna Grapple clamps to add and he's ready to paint. He'll (hopefull) look really cool in the Angels Sanguine colours with some battle wear and tear to boot!
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