Friday, 22 March 2013

Throne of Skulls - Today!

It's just gone 2:45am here in London. In 8.5 hours I'll be on the train to Warhammer World in Nottingham for March's Thrne of Skulls tournament.

Of course, the fact I'm awake means my army is definitely not as painted as I'd like it to be, but I've reached a cut off point where 'they'll do'. Last time I pulled an all nighter and couldn't actually count out dice by the time I was part way through my first social game!

So I probably shouldn't be updating the blog either oh well...

The additions to the army were a Furioso Dread, a new 'naked' Sgt, an attack bike and another Stormraven. Here's my work tonight:

Pretty much nothing in the army is 100% finished but these guys are my bare minimum level I can let myself stop at. Plenty more work on these to come.

Happy how this Furioso has turned out, despite having totally misplaced his left shin guard!

My converted Reclusiarch

Custom objective marker (also in need of paint)

Whole army, from left: Death Company with Reclusarch, Assault Squad, Assault Squad with Priest, Stormraven, Furioso, Attack Bike, Stormraven and Death Company Dread

That's all folks. I'm taking my camera so will hopefully have some photo's to post come Sunday or Monday. Bed time!
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