Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quick Update

Assault cannon bodied Sgt
Hey there.

Been a couple of weeks since I posted so here's a quick refresh.

Dark Angels are pretty much all built, just a couple of bike riders to finish off. The photo left and the ones further down this post show the (very simple) variety I've got from some of the DV miniatures.

The impending task is not finishing the DA build though, it's a brief trip back to Angels Sanguine.On Fri 22nd four of us head to Warhamer World for Throne of Skulls. Thisis likely the last time I'll run Angels Sanguine/the BA codex at this tournament, it's their third trip there and it's time for something fresh (*cough* Eldar *cough*).

I do need to get paint on them though. 6 Tac Marines, an Assault Sgt and finish off my second Raven and a Dread. I have one ay off before the 22nd - tomorrow - so I'll hopefuly be able to post this time tomorrow with some finished tabletop quality guys.

Azrael kitbash (with Ravenwing head and trimmed Deathwing watcher)
My list is:

6 Death Company (power fist, maybe an axe)
Death Company Dread (talons, hvy flamer)

Priest (jump pack)

Assault Squad x 10 (fist Sgt, melta, flamer)
Assault Squad x 5 (naked)
Tac Squad x 6 (combi-melta Sgt)

Furioso Dread (fists, hvy flamer)


In all the games I've played the troops all start on the table and pretty much get wiped out. Tournament scenery will see them die even quicker too.They o usually last long enough for the Ravens to come in though and, if they get into the enemy, they generally wipe out most things.

It's aaimed at being a fluff list over everything being optimised, though I think I'm likely in for some flak for two Ravens, we'll have to see.

By the time I got to doing the guy on the left, and realised that the standard chest piece fits this model it was too late for the other three! Still, not all identcal at least.
Beyond that I want to paint up some Malifaux some time and try and figure it out properly finally. I also have now owned my Revenant Titan for a year - time to bite the bullet and get building really! Good things are coming...

Catch you all soon!
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