Monday, 18 March 2013

Left Handed Frag Cannon

I know, I know - not the promised painting progress. Instead of painting one thing a day I'm doing bits of everything all at once so there's not yet much to show.

What I have done inbetween layers drying/whilst watching the first Grand Prix of the season is fit my Furioso with a Frag Cannon.

His unipue pose required it to be on the wrong side though - here's how I made it work...

I spent a long time re-posing the Dreadnought to be firing his heavy flamer 'right handed'. The standard Frag Cannon (FC) replaces the right arm though, which is a problem considering I wanted him armed with the flamer and FC.

One solution was to use the old metal Dread already set up that way but, given the choice, no one in their right mind would use a metal Dread (IMHO), especially given a uniquely converted option. So therefore I needed to make it fit th left arm.

All Blood Angel Dread kits come with the Libby parts, including a left arm for the force weapon:

Librarian arm/Frag Cannon
First off, as you see above, I ripped off the fist part. Next up I carefully sawed out the ammo hopper (bottom box), ammo intake (rectangle above box) and the main muzzle assembly. Then I sawed out all the piston-y gubbins from the Librarian arm, leaving just the armoured 'shoulder'. I then carefully glued the pieces in place and left overnight to dry (it's very fragile at this point):

It's important to make sure the ammo belt fits between the hopper/intake
You can see where I had this blu-tacced in plac while the glue set.
 After that it was a case of filling the gaps with pro-create putty and shaping it around the panels:

I also rebuilt the scroll/banner (seen better below) to help hide some of the rougher parts of the join

Pretty simple over all, I'm quite happy with the final result for a couple of evenings work. Couple of close ups and back to painting:

I managed to keep some rippled shape in the fabric scroll thingy

Until next time folks...
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