Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stormraven Part 4: Built (An Overdue Update)

As everyone who knows 40k will already be aware the 'proper' Stormraven model came out last month and made me realise I'd failed to update the progress of my own scratch buit 'Raven I started last year. Well the build's finished and it's pretty much painted, here's the last build update.

I've been building this beast for what seems like forever. Here's a quick catch up of a few of the earlier stages so anyone who's not seen doesn't have to trek back through the old posts:

Valkyrie hull was the core of the design.

Bulking out the shape with plasticard and foam board.

Almost finished, detail and texture lacking but I ran out of enthusiasm
for a little while! Also, a commenter pointed out the scrawny tail fin.

As you can see in the final picture there I'm missing weapons and a lot of hull detail. Late January I pulled out my the plasticard once more, got motivated and built the rest. The main goals were an interchangeable, magnetised turret for the las/assault cannons, a decent way of showing the bloodstrike missiles, to cover the engines and to add detail to all he side surfaces. Here's how that went:

Vehicle bade using one emblem from the Baal Predator and two wings
from the Death Company set.

An all in one shot showing the assault cannon turret and the bulked
out roof to hide the razorback plate and various of the side panels.

Top down to show the magnetised turret fixture (allowing it to rotate)
and more plasticard panel work to break up the surfaces.

Engine cowling made from the Razorback weapon shield and engine
covers from an old Land Speeder, note tail fin is also magnetised.

Wing mounted blood strike missiles are hunter killer missiles from
the Ironclad Dreadnought

There was a lot of template making going on for the continuation of this. I also shaved the thicker panels down to 45 degree angles on their edges. The Dreadnought hold I copied from GW - I was lazy and left it fairly empty!

Overall the build has come out really well for my first big scratch build. I was worried about getting everything straight and sqaure as it's a Space Marine vehicle and not something Ork-y where it's ok that it's all wonky and falling apart. I've also been really lucky regarding the size - height, width and length are all within a few millimetres of the official model so I can keep playing it without any kinds of advantages or disadvantages. 

I then sprayed the whole of it black, then taped half off and sprayed it Army Painter Dragon Red. I've once again procrastinated with the painting but have made a very nice base (if I do say so myself) which I'l have to show another time as Blogger won't let me put up more pictures without changing the order!!

A brief update on an older project, lots of painting bits coming up plus my uses of the new Grey Knights boxed set (Librarian, Honour Guard etc...)

Until next time folks!

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