Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Thoughts: The unpainted list of TERROR

This post came from the dawning realisation that 90% of my miniatures are pretty much unpainted and that to get to where I want to be with the standard of my units I had a whole lot of work to do. After a couple of years not painting anything it's a pretty daunting prospect. Here's what's giving me nightmares:

The unpainted list of TERROR:

  • About 2,500 points of Blood Angels. Primed and mostly basecoated.
  • Ork Deff Dread, 5 Storm Boyz, 8 Grotz,  1 Big Mek, 1 Warboss, 6 Deffkoptas, 3 Warbikes, 1 Warbuggy plus however many Boyz and Nobz come in two sets of Assault on Black Reach. ALL unpainted, some unassembled.
  • Contents of Space Hulk. Unpainted.
  • Oddz'n'endz - 3 Killa Kans (almost finished), 8 Grots (almost finished), Skaven Queek Headtaker and Deathmaster Snikch (current project, see next post), 2 Nurgle Chaos Marine conversions. Inquisitor and retinue.

So, that's a lot right? I'm sure plenty of you out there are in similar, or worse, situations!


Some of the Blood Angels 'Army'. Not one finished model!

My first stumbling block is the problem with being me vs loving Blood Angels. As you'll know, Blood Angels are redder than red. The reddest even. More than Khorne, or Evil Suns or any of their own successor chapters. RED. Hate is an evil word so I'll avoid it here but it's safe to say that I really, really, really don't like painting red. This = problem.

What to do? 

After 15 or so years of Blood Angels-ness I'm jumping ship and switching my allegiances. That's right, I'm scared and intimidated so much by red that I'm going to become... Angel Sanguine player!

50% less red. Problem solved!! I'm looking forward to this now and hope to have a test model to show over the next couple of weeks and then a steady flow should crop up from then on. It also means I don't have to use the bare heads (Angels Sanguine don't ever remove their helmets) from the new Blood Angel box sets which is good because I don't like them.

Orks. GREEN! Ah, I do like green. This is still a daunting prospect purely from knowing there's something like 40 Slugga Boyz and 10-15 Shoota Boyz to paint before I get to the fun stuff. Ugh. The other units from this list I'm really looking forward to painting though. Orks have been an on going side project since I played Gorkamorka. They're as much an excuse for interesting conversions as anything else.

Yep, two drawers just for Ork sprues.

The oddz'n'enz units will again be on going projects to a) get them finished and b) be an occasional break from painting red and green.

Various stages of unfinished models!

The Space Hulk miniatures will follow somewhere in the distant future, I'm in no rush to paint these, I'll bide my time and hopefully make a good job of those awesome models.  

Looking at it this way I think it'll be fairly manageable. I'm looking to re-enforce and Blood Ange...sorry, Angels Sanguine at Christmas so it'd be nice to have a chunk of red painting out of the way by then. 

Either when starting a new army or when realising just how much stuff you've accumulated over the years that you really must paint there's a few ways we come to find ourselves surrounded on all sides by terrifying grey plastic. How do you folk out there cope with the bigger painting projects? A squad then a character as a 'treat'? Are you actually good at self restraint and paint as you buy? Good luck working through your own lists of terror!!

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