Monday, 28 April 2014

Taurox 8 Wheeler WiP

I promised myself Eldar were next. I'd finish the Dark Angels, sell the Grey Knights and redo all my old, beloved 'Dar.

Then GW took it upon themselves to release the Knight Titan and I had to have one. That was the quickest I've ever bought-built-painted something to finish ever. I love it, I'll be getting another. But now onto Eldar...

Then GW took it upon themselves to release Scions and the Militarum Tempestus. I would resist. No more distractions from my one true love of 40K. Eldar time!

THEN my friend gave me some Scions because I spent he whole of the Friday at Throne of Skulls helping him paint his Tau. Bugger. Now I had Scions I might as well have a Taurox right? Right??

Praise Gorkamorka bits bags...
Like 99% of the internet I feel the need to convert it though. Choices were many. Wheels? Half track? What to do? I decided on wheels as I have a lot spare and a friend had even more. I'd need lots as I think truck style 6 wheeler 'Roxs suck - you'd have to rebuild the whole front wheel arch to make it OK really. Not something I want to do to four or five of them:


So that meant 8 wheels. Doubling up on the bigger wheels at the front was too much of a squeeze so I went for the smaller, bike sized ones which are tiny. It's therefore taken a lot of work to try and get them mounted correctly but here's where I'm at and almost happy with it:


Yes, the axle angle needs some more work - they're
upside down from the original

Not bad, right? I think it's OK anyway. There's still stuff to tweak and it does actually look better with the whole thing sitting even lower but this is set up number three and it's looking how I want it to - there's a limit to how much I want to keep chopping at bits and re-gluing again and again. The next couple will be tidier and I'll do a step by step.

See you soon, it's way past bed time!
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