Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tardiness, ToS and 2014

It's over two months since my last post...oops! Sorry for that. You've not missed much, honestly. I had Throne of Skulls, a (small, minor) heart operation (!), and Christmas working in a clothes shop. The Grotto has very much been on a back burner, along with most hobby stuff.

But with a new year comes a fresh start. Since my last post we've had these two show up:


And the internet went into melt down. My group have loosely agreed no D-Weapons without prior arrangement/warning. I know I don't have any interest in playing one by chance. The thing is that it's now allowed at ToS. The reason I go to Throne of Skulls isn't to win a competition. I go for a bunch of fun games in a place with a bar and my friends. It's laid back, casual fun. My kind of 40k. 

If I get there in March and everyone has a titan/aquila redoubt/whatever it's not going to be any fun. Unless...unless I take my Revenant (BWAHAHAHAHAHA). But then I'll be the douche no one wants to play. Problems. 

We have friends going this month and next so we'll see what the state of play is at these 'friendly' tournaments. A lot of D-Weapons though and it could well be the end of me going. 

On the other hand I'm very happy that FW is now allowed in all shapes and forms :D

Next up came this:

And the internet went into meltdown. Sigh. I've not seen the codex. From what I've read of the non-sob-sob-boohoo reviews it seems really fluffy. Swarms'n'stuff is Nids or me. Whether the points etc are right and things like that remains to be seen. 

Oh well. 


I got some Forgeworld Night Lord Raptors for Christmas from my parents. Unfortunately they were the worst cast stuff I've had from FW in many, many years. Have a look here at the pics if you're interested. As ever though, FW's customer support was first class and they sent me a full replacement. Thanks Forgeworld folk!

As is traditional for us gamer types we like to treat ourselves too. So off I went to the awesome Dark Sphere and picked up Malifaux M2E Lady Justice and Co and the new rules. If you haven't looked at the new Malifaux models yet do yourself a favour and go look here. I honestly think they're making the best models out there at the minute - there's not a single crew box I don't want to buy just to build and paint. More on them in coming weeks and months. 

Beyond Malifaux I also got the Ghost Warrior Eldar bundle (25% off thanks again Dark Sphere) and saved a chunk of ££. Eldar are this years main thing along with selling stuff. If I get the Malifaux boxes I'll probably paint and sell to fund the next one. I have a 2k Ork army that's never seen paint or a game which'll be hitting eBay along with maybe the Grey Knights if I finish painting them. I do not need three Marine armies...though I'll probably like them again once I've painted. 

My other aim for this year is to paint some models I just like. Not for gaming or anything, just because they're cool. Kingdom Death will be shipping their game sometime this year, the updates for which have been awesome. Relic Knights should also be shipping after a VERY long wait and not-so-awesome updates. Raging heroes are also about to launch their Toughest Girls in the Galaxy which are also looking very nice and will be joining my old metal Cadians as a cool Vet squad.

And then there's Infinity...I'd really like to get into Infinity.

Anyway, enough waffling on. I'll try and get back into one or two posts a month and actually paint some stuff to completion this year!

Normal service resuming soon...
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