Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Painting: 48hrs To Go Until ToS Time

Toward the end of last week I posted with plans of an action packed few days over the weekend getting stared painting my Dark Angels ready for Throne of Skulls a little over a week away. I also promised updates.

Unfortunately for the painting a friend came to stay for the weekend at short notice...nothing like being two days behind before you even start!

I got some done today so here's how it's going...

At the start of today I had everything base coated - black for all the Ravenwing elements and layers browns for the Deathwing.

I've probably done 9 hours maybe today...what do I have to show for it?

I started off on the DW. With their armour already done (zenithal/zethinal highlighting...I'm not great at it) it was a case of blocking in bases for all the other areas - red guns, dark grey armour joints, grey insignia, various metal get the idea. They're now at this stage:

There's still plenty to do to them but they're at a point I can put them to one side and come back. If worst comes to the worst I can play with them at this quality I guess, I just won't be as proud of them as I'd like to be.

On top of that I started on the Darkshroud:

The conversion on this has blended nicely under primer, I'm quite happy with it and it's quite interesting to paint too. I simultaneously started on Sammael's jetbike:

Again, it looks a lot more 'proper' with a layer of black over it to hide the conversions. I do wish I'd sanded down better round the filler on the bottom of the tail fin though. For both these, and probably all the other bikes, I'm using a nice and dark 1:1 mix of black and boltgun metal. Drybrush boltgun lightly over it and it should look good I hope.

Aside from painting I finished off my last two conversions for the force - the RW flamers. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago this conversion. Basically I used hand flamers rather than regular ones because it looks more practical and cooler. They have a fuel tank made from trimmed down multi melta back packs and some hoses running between:

That's it for painting progress. Must go to bed so I can start again nice an promptly tomorrow! Just 20 bikes to go (F*@#!) in the next two days. I't going to be really this space.
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