Sunday, 16 March 2014

Imperial Knight Progress

I'm trying something new to enable to keep the blog up to date - small posts!

Because I'm SO unorganised I always, as any regulars will have noticed, end up doing catch up posts and back tracking. Or I start something new and then forget to update about it until it's finished.

It's mainly because, for 'full' posts I use my camera and computer. So, to get smaller, less long winded, updates I'm trying the smartphone/app route. Let's see if it works right?

I, like most other 40k folk, got excited about the Imperial Knight release. Then I realised it solved a couple of issues I have with my Dark Angel Army - namely taking a weight of fire off the bikes and also killing tanks.

Today I've from black to a bunch of base coated pieces. I'm painting it in 22 pieces at the minute - it's a pain in the arse.

I am quite pleased with the diamond pattern shoulder though!

More mobile updates soon!

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