Thursday, 18 April 2013

Painting: Deathwing

In the two or so years I've been blogging away here on the big old internet, and across the 90-ish posts I've thrown out there, there has been ONE completed model shown on these colourless pages!

It's time for a change dear reader!

Even the picture to the left, designed to be my 'painting article' header is out of date - I've recently started using a wet pallette (how did I used to cope without one??? If you keep thinking about doing one, DO IT) and recently have been getting some practice in with my airbrush.

Anyway, onto todays project: getting the Dark Angels coloured in...

I started off with a squad yesterday, five Terminators, mainly re-paints from my earlier brushed version of the scheme. I wasn't happy with yesterdays effort so, in an attempt to learn, went away and thought about what I'd done and why I didn't like it.

Left squad - yesterday. Right squad - today.
I decided I'd got the paint on a little to heavily, resulting in a more yellow finish than I'd expected. Also I had patches where the paint was very splattered where it blended to the darker colour below. Today I used the same colours but with more pressure through the airbrush (got rid of the splatters) and a more patient approach. I much prefer the boney colour on the right hand squad compared to the more yellow on the left..

Not the best pictures today, sorry!
I'm going to give them a very light, top down ivory highlight. I think this is the first time I've made 'zenithal' highlighting work. It's strange getting used to leaving aeas of your model the 'wrong' colour but they do look good once the layers are on. Obviously still a lot I can improve but I'm glad to finally have a basic grasp of it.

I now think I need to re-paint the first squad AGAIN. This might mean they need stripping this time which is a pain in the arse but oh well - learning curves and all that.

More painting to come over the next few weeks. I've got the first Ravenwing squad undercoated too. Soooo loving painting these after the tricky-ness of painting the Angels Sanguine 50/50 black and red - one colour marines are a joy!
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