Tuesday, 2 April 2013

From The Chopping Broard - Cataphractii Deathwing Knights Build Finished

I'll keep this simple as it's past my bedtime. I'll just slap up a bunch of pictures with minimal writing...

I did little but work over Easter, apart from yesterday when I had time to finish off my Knights and start of Sammael's Jetbike. Everything is still WiP to different degrees. Knights are 90% finished apart from a little tidying up. Sammael (just Corvex at the moment) has a fairly long way to go yet...

Knight Master

The model I'm most pleased with on the right here.
"Come get me bro" as my friend said about a similar posed model

Whole squad. They'll eventually have a custom Chaplain to run with.

Corvex coming along nicely. Plasma canon from the Stormraven,
legs from the Ravenwing command set.

Only on very special occasions do I drill bolters to two seperate sizes...

I was quite surprised by the size of the Heresy era jetbike - easily
longer than a 'modern' Land Speeder 

There you go, minimal text, maximum pics. Corvex needs some DA specific bling etc but that'll wait a bit. I need to focus on Sammael  himself first. 

Good night! :)
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