Wednesday, 3 July 2013

7 Weeks Away - Slow Progress

My last post was 7 weeks ago tomorrow. I've been lazy, and lacking enthusiasm.

But no longer!!

Facing up to painting up my third Marine army in a row (Blood Angels, Grey Knights then Dark Angels) sapped me of all enthusiasm.

I actually packed away everything and started to get back into drawing. It's been a nice break!

With Eldar, my first 40k amy, released last month I'm getting back toward looking forward to models again. As the picture above says, there's no point working on things you want to be good if you don't have the enthusiasm to make them so!

The plan is to split painting between the Marines and the Eldar. That'll give me variety and good breaks from painting bone and black on the DA and lots of different things for the Elves.

Here's what I had in various boxes for Aspect Warriors and a bit of other stuff:

And now, post simple green:

The only new Eldar purchase I made was:

Got to admit, I can't really recommend buying a Ltd Edition codex... £30 for a dust jacket and an envelope with a number in isn't totally worthwhile! Oh well. They're my first love so it's OK(ish).

I've also been scouring eBay for a couple of things, namely the three Phoenix Lords I don't own. Only problem is that eBay is getting INSANE:

I understand people wanting a metal Asurmen - it's what I was looking for - but £29.16?? I'd have two Finecast ones thankyou!

And £56.75 for Iyanden?? Are people stupid? It's £30 with free postage from GW?? The special edition was cheaper than that one went for!

Anyway. The ball is rolling again. I need to decide how to base the Eldar. I wanted to buy some nice resin bases for them but it's just too many ££ for an army wide purchase. I'm trying to think of a clever way to make some, we'll see.

Oh, I also sorted out all my bits boxes:

Yeah, I've been putting off making models THAT much!

See you all soon!
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