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Throne of Skulls 2012 Recap, and ZOMBIES!

Thought I'd finally post the pictures of the October 2012 Thone of Skulls we attended a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately quite a few haven't come out great so I've left them out, fuzzy pics are no fun for anyone and don't do some of the great armies justice.

 I started the weekend pulling an all nighter on the Thurs/Fri before we went as I had various models hardly painted (thanks to having to work two of my days off). The Attack ikes, all weapon teams for the IG and most of the IG infantry needed work to get them to a few colours minimum, so it was that I painted for 11 hours straight through the night.

Definitely not finished.
One thing I had squeezed in time to do was prepare my new KR case. I really can't praise these hings highly enough. Here's the flyers squeezed in one box:

So we got thee and were greeted by the big ol' Rhino you see at the start of he article. By the end of Friday I was painted to a usable quality and won both practice game - including the first time I've ever beaten my friends Draigowing. Admittedly, I can't take full credit as I was about to pass out from tiredness by this point,at one point I couldn't count to fourteen. I also can't really remember anything about these two games!

Day on of ToS and I drew the army we'd all been joking about facing. The 'Cron flyer spam. Afraid I don't know names of everything but he had three of the transports and one of the heavy flyers. His back line was two five man warrior squads. He had two Lords and kitted out courts,  squad of Death Marks and another five warriors.

He also had 100 games of 6th Ed under his belt. I've played 5 at this point. A really nice guy, he openly admitted it was a cheesy army and that this was it's last ever outing. He also said it was designed to table me.
This was a rough game, I lost all the IG, my Death Company and Stormraven the turn after the above photo was taken. I did manage to bring a couple of bits back though - the Vendetta was a legend and the Reclusiarch, Dreadnought and a Sgt all tried to kill his Lord and failed. It was a solid victory to him.

Next up was a very cool Legion of the Damned heme Marine army. I usually do well against normal Marines but this was one of those games where things just didn't go my way. Another loss.

The third and final game of the day was against 'Nids:

In hindsight I set the IG up way to spread out
This was a brutal game. The IG survived a lot of punishment but the Marines took the full force of his assaults and were almost wiped out. The Death Company, however, were BRUTAL. Taking out both Tervigons and a bunch of Gaunts between them (he spawned dozens of them with several high rolls). The Dread also kicked arse taking out a bunch of Ravenors and other stuff.

Last Marine survivor holding the objective til the end!

Like I said, a LOT got killed this game. Unfortunately, he spawned so many troops there was little chance of me bringing it back round. He held 3 to my 2, we both had Kill the Warlord, he also had First Blood, yt another loss for me.

Next day I played a really cool Tau force. This game was close. He deployed 3x2 Broadsides, 2 Fire Warrior squads and Eldrad behind an Aegis Line and in a ruin behind it. It was the long deployment ao I had to travel the whole table into his fire. Both flyers made it though and I unloaded Death Company right in his line.

As mentioned in my last post there was a mis-use of the Our Weapons Are Useless rule where he broke 7" off combat in any direction he chose then shot stuff up with the escaped Broadsides, they should actually have fled the table. Oh well.

My fifth and final game was against GK Terminators. Two Dreadknights, Grand Master with every toy available, two 5 man squads of termies and a Stormraven.

IG Commanders view of things

He lost this in his set up I think. By splitting himself on both flanks, and walking his Dreadknights up the table, I has time to concentrate shooting on each part of his force. Ha;f my army was too fast for him, the other half (the IG) were too far away. A solid victory for me to end the weekend.

One other thing worth mentioning, every army I saw was well painted. None were just nicely undercoated, noe were mix and match of four different Marine forces and many were really, really unique forces. Below is the Ravn Guard force that received my vote for best army, so, so cool!

During the presentation of prizes I had a game against one of my friends again. This is where all my luck had been saving itself for. If e hadn't stopped as the all closed at 6pm, I'd have wiped him off the table. I deployed in the trees:

He deployed in the town ruins:

His whole army is round that building in the top left
Then the Angles Sanguine arrived on his flank and tore him apart - there's only so much losing those boys can take!

So that wraps it up as a brief overview. My copy of Zombicide also got picked up finally from my parents' house so looking forward to playing, if not painting Zombies??

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