Monday, 2 July 2012

6th Edition, Finally!

It was a brief affair.

Over the last week of my life I've been packing everything I own into boxes. To remedy this I treated myself to the Collectors Edition of the new rule book.

The mini version will be my heavily used one so I liked the idea of having this as a reference/display piece.

Then it didn't arrive! The guys in the shop promised me it for Friday or Saturday - giving me a whole weekend to read, absorb and comment.

It didn't arrive.

My friends have suffered this last two days as I ranted on Facebook about my lack of something they all own!! Grrr.

Today was moving day and, 30mins before I left the flat, Mr UPS shows up and hands me over The Package.

I didn't have time to look. We loaded up my life in the back of a transit van and, in the minute I had before waving off my dad to drive my belongings to the other end of the country I opened The Package for long enough to take the top picture, and this one:

As far as cardboard boxes go, it's quite nice!

Then I packed it back up and sent it on it's way. I don't have a proper home this week and only have a satchel and tiny suitcase - no room for the whole of 6th edition.

You wait for three days for something then have to ignore it when it finally arrives!

Ah, irony.

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