Friday, 15 June 2012

Oops...It's Been A Month! Resin Catch Up

A month and two days to be precise. Sorry!

Did you notice? No? I got away with it then and life goes on (unless BoLS kicked me off their blog list like last time!)

So, as you see in the picture here my desk is about the messiest it's ever been. Thought I'd take it as a particularly good metaphor for the last month of my young, handsome life...

I'm not going into much but the proverbial s**t hit the proverbial fan to fantastically splattered and smelly results this month, One of those things. I was hoping to have the Revenant Titan built and ready to paint by now, instead he's packed away and I hadn't touched a model for three weeks until the other day, Tut tut,

The Emperor Protects.


Hmm...I could just do with him tidying my desk up to be honest. Basically I'm trying to move flat, at short notice, when all the flat rental prices in London have just rocketed because of potential Olympic touris. It's proving challenging. I have three weeks to find somewhere and no enthusiasm. Something will work out, these things always do!

Lets get back to models.

I stopped stressing about it this week when my delivery from Secret Weapon Miniatures arrived. I ordered some of their scenic stuff - bricks and leaves (in two colours). Click the links to see what I'm talking about, they look pretty good.

Both were bought with Titan basing in mind (it'll get it's own post). For a little practice I decided to finally put together Vangard Obyron and stand him on a pretty little garden path:

I added one of my super-cheap eBay skulls to finish him off. I just bought him to paint for fun/practice because he ooks like a DUDE. I'm thinking a very dark/almost black metal body and a white or ivory head should look cool, he's getting painted on Sunday:

He's the worst of my recent finecast purchases quality-wise. His spine was bubbled right up and he had holy feet. His halberd-thing was also S shape in two different directions. It's still a little curved asyou can see but that's the best I could get it so it fit.

Next up is my best yet finecast. This guy feels much harder than all my other finecast, much more along the lines of Forgeworld type resin. He is detailed super-crisp, not  a single blemish and barely even a mold line. I introduce my new Angels Sanguine Captain:

This chap is a super simple conversion. Helbrecht's body with a Sanguinary Guard head. The Blood Angel Captain entry is fairly useless so he's equipped to pass s a count-as Recluisarch, hence the staff/giant Croius:

Metal part from the Temie Chaplain, plastic from one of the Grey Knight boxes. The metal piece ended up quite rough o I hid what I could by rolling out, very thinly, some Procreate (grey greenstuff). I then left it for a couple of hours before getting a steel ruler and slicing thin even strips:

A little superglue and some wrapping and all done. This guy is also magnetised so I can upgrade him to a jump pack if and when required:

Last up is my favourite. A few posts ago I wrote about my MOST AWESOME GAME EVER! It was truly awesome mainly for one model. My Sanguinary Priest chased a fleeing Termagaunt, executed it, then took on a whole brood of them on his own:

He died shortly after but, like any true hero, he didn't actually die - he came back cooler than ever. In memory of battle he gets a new base:

One dead bug. Secondly he gets a cool new suit of power armour courtesy of Forgeworld:

I'm pretty pleased how he came out - especially as he's just the stock model, no changes required. I've done him a jump pack to truly take the place of his previous self.

Not a bad couple of evening's work to drag me kicking and screaming back into hobby land. I also had a brief game of Malifaux and have forgotten quite a bit. Must try harder!

I'm going to get Obyron painted and hopefully post that up within the week...we'll see how that goes!?

Have a good weekend all!
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