Wednesday, 1 August 2012

6th Ed, 2nd Game

Hi all,
I'm still being quiet - I'm still living on my Aunt's sofa while I wait for the new flat to be sorted. No model news as such as everything is stored up north.
I did bring down a single 1,500 Angel Sanguine force though which is living at my friends.
With all the moving I've not read the while rulebook, I've also been avoiding the blog and net talk of it all - I wanted my own opinions first before the extremes of net reviews and rants!
Two games in and, while I'm still figuring out some of the finer points, it's been good.
Both games against IG. First was Relic with the long (short edge) deployment. Terrain lost me this game with me having to jump the length of the table into his guns. I got tabled by turn 5...
Today we played Purge the Alien (?) and I took my revenge, winning 13-7 I think. Not tabled as such but he had three fleeing Vet's left to my remaining 2 squads, raven and chaplain.
Good fun all round. Not much detail I know but I'm posting from a phone.
In the meantime the Olympics have taken over the city. I went out to see the male and female cycling road race and couldn't believe the speeds they were doing. Hopefully I'll have my bike back, along with computer, paints etc and normal service can resume shortly!

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