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Throne of Skulls: Games 1-3 Pictures and Summary

Hi All,

It's been a quiet couple of weeks since my last post. My few spare hours have been spent furiously batch painting the Marines which has been...tiresome.

It was all worth while though, the army, while not finished, looked decent enough. So on Friday morning we jumped on the train to Nottingham to my first ever visit to Warhammer World.

 Four of us went, I took the Angels Sanguine, our friends Dave and Kai took Iron Warriors and Imperial Guard respectively and Draigowing was taken by Nurglez from Bolter and Chainsword.

The first thing we found out was that Dave's Iron Warriors had a Bezerker squad, a Havoc squad, 2 Obliterators and 2 Rhinos to get painted up to standard. Not finish them off, completely paint them. So my first few hours at Warhammer World were spent painting. Again. We all chipped in though and got them to a playable standard, it was a good vibe to start the weekend if a little mind-numbing. Fair play to Dave though, he painted until it closed at 11pm (we arrived at about 12:30) and then did another 90mins at the hostel.

MORE painting...

That night I had a practice against Kai's Imperial Guard - the first time I've ever played against them in a non-apocalypse game - and won; a good start to the weekend.

The army list I'd taken was:

I made mucho effort on the display board (thank you GW canteen)


5 Death Company

DC Dreadnought

2 x 10 man Assault Squads

5 Devastators (3 missiles)

2 Priests

2 Land Speeders


Game One on the Saturday was annihilation against Tyranids. He had 2 big Gaunt squads,  Tervigon, Trygon, Broodlord with Tyrant Guard, Carnifex, 12 Genestealers and 7 Ymargl (spelling?)

I hate Genestealers - I tend to get bogged down by anything more than 5 of then thanks to my now legendary dice skills!

The pictures get better the more you read, my
phone tool a little getting used to!
This was a rough game, and a slooooow one. We took almost 2 and a half hours! His Broodlord and Fex did nothing as I spent the game outmanoeuvring them (basically the half of his army in the left of the photo), although they got close:

His Yumgargles came on, as usual, in the Devastators terrain piece:

Those 5 guys held out for three turns of combat until their brothers arrived to clean up. Going into turn 6 we had 5 mins on the clock left and he was winning 7-5. The late arriving Assault Squad finished the last Yamagril and the Raven, which survived the game well thanks to having only two shooting models in the enemy army, blew the back of the Trygon's head off.

The round clock hit zero and we tied, 7-7.

Game 2 I drew a guy called Alex with his Marines. Redeemer, Cassius, 2 Tac Squads with Rhinos, Pod with 10 Sternguard and 7 lightning claw Terminators.

Dawn of war, two objectives. The picture shows my turn one move after I kept everyone off the board for deployment (HQ is in the Raven and Priests can't accompany their squads on). In contrast to the previous game he blew my Raven up at the start of turn two. Thus he unleashed the DC and DCD on his Sternguard. They didn't last long.

The right side combat squad in the above pic were the highlight of the game - along with the priest landing in the woods on the right and lost three (THREE!!) Marines, including the priest. The DC then blew up the Pod (the Dread had gone hunting Rhinos) and killed another of the squad.

With two men left they headed onward. Another died to the now-imobilised Redeemer but his surviving friend lived thanks to a marine sized rock and claimed the central objective at the end of the game!

I won this game 2 objectives to none (contested). We had a rule dispute but it was all very sporting and was a fun game. It's one of the first game I've really used unit 'synergy' and tried to coordinate elements together and it worked a treat. The heroic Marine was the icing on the cake.

Game Three was against Sisters of Battle! Three Exorcists, 5 Rhinos with three Sister squads and two Flamer-Sister-Fast Attack squads and Saint Celestine.

2 objectives, spearhead.

I know barely anything about Sisters, or I didn't going into this. I do now. He was another really nice guy but the most tournament minded (for want of a better expression) i.e his objective was in his table corner blocked entirely by a Rhino. The rest was a line of shooting while Celestine floated forward. I was a bit screwed.

He really took me apart turns one and two and I thought all was lost. Then I started breaking Rhinos and by turn 5, with a little luck, it'd be a draw. I popped and then broke his advancing Tac squad and took down Celestine. Unfortunately next turn she got back up and an empty surviving Rhino mended itself and picked up another troop. My squad which had headed for his objective (and made it) took a squad, Rhino and two Exorcists on two men. They died pretty fast.

Here is my whole army when the game ended:

It was a tough game but I think it was bound to be. I'd have to play him a few times to figure a way round it. The Exorcists are brutal as they are hidden behind Rhinos (can't be seen) but can see you as he measured from the organ pipes. Oh well.

Loss, 2-0.

That was the end of day one's competition, it'd been very good and I had a very even mix of results. I'll post the rest of the pics, including the best game of 40K I've ever played, tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hope you like the pics and don't mind the lack of 'proper' battle reports, it's late and I need to stop typing and get some sleep!!

Good night!! :)

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