Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Road to ToS

Hi all once again. Welcome back to the Grotto for a (rare) post about the direction of the Angels Sanguine army from a gaming perspective.

I'm heading the Throne of Skulls with three friends at the end of April and want to have the A.S 100% finished for it. This means; No airbrush experiments, no building Grey Knight henchmen, no playing Grey Knights, no fiddling with more Dark Eldar.


Go ahead and click for the army list and jobs list...

First up, a small complaint. ToS this year has been knocked back down to 1,500 points from last years 1,750. I loved my 1,750 army and was getting to be OK with it (although I always forget to use psychic powers so the Libby would have been dropped).

I've known this for a while and my group usually plays at 1,500 so no big deal, apart from I can't find a decent balance with what I want to take vs what I feel I need. Ugh.

**It's worth mentioning to/reminding you all, dear readers, that I'm very much not WAAC. I'm also not a fluff nazi. I'm one of those guys who likes a bit of this and a bit of that and wants to enjoy himself, but not at the cost of losing all my games.**

At 1,500 points I'm much happier with my mixed GK army, unfortunately they are way too much work to do in the few days I have off between now and the ToS.

So, Angels Sanguine it is. I was running 5 sniper + missile scouts as my holding troop. Unfortunately they're useless. They've killed barely anything over the last 8 months or so. I also lack any kind of range (apart from the Stormraven missiles). To answer this I drafted in some missile Dev's to replace the scouts. These guys haven't been tested yet, I had to drop a Death Company marine to afford them, and a power weapon. I hope they're worth it.

Here's the list I'm looking at running:


Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack
Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack

10 Assault Marines
Sgt 2xLightning Claw, Melta Bomb
Flamer, Melta
10 Assault Marines
Sgt Power Fist
Flamer, Melta
5 Death Company
1 Power Weapon, 1 Power Fist
Death Company Dreadnought
Talons, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder
Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder
Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer

Assault Cannon, Multi Melta, Extra Armour
3xMissile Launcher

If I do change anything it'll be to drop the DC's power weapon and the Sgt's Melta Bomb and buy another plain DC Marine. The Dev's I really need to test, otherwise the Scouts could make a late comeback - I'm very nervous about a lack of scoring troops.

Onto the actual army. Here's how the boys are looking:

Apart from the back to front Stormraven everything is at least the correct base colours. Armour is red and black, weapons are blacked out. Bases are also all painted. So, what needs doing?

Chest eagles
Jump pack straps
Jump pack exhausts
Red armour wash/shaded
Black armour highlighted
All weapon detail - sword teeth, bolt pistol muzzles
74 eyes(!)
Armour details - scrolls, seals etc
Chapter badge transfers
Whole bloody Stormraven
Build and paint one boltgun Marine (for the Dev squad)
Finish 3 objectives

Not much huh?

In a way I think I'd rather be starting a whole squad fresh. Sitting down to batch paint the eyes of 37 Marines is going to be boooooorrrriiinngg. Oh well, with a little work I can get them on their way to something beyond this standard:

And there you go. I'll update tomorrow or so with some progress worth reporting. I'm off to re-spray that Raven...

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