Tuesday, 8 May 2012

It's My Birthday And I'll Buy (A Titan) If I Want To!

Hi readers of the Blogosphere!

Today I'm 30. Thirty. Three Oh. Damn.

Admittedly I feel no different but for the few cards that came and the VERY cool clockwork UFO my girlfriend bought me.

I thought I'd write a quick post a a bit of a preview of things to come on the blog over coming weeks/months with a little shopping I did at Warhammer World to console myself.

Firstly, how awesome is the Leman Russ cake??? I doubt there's one of those waiting at my parent's house. Oh well. Something cool waiting for me once I'm back home at weekend though is one of these:

Yup, I went Titan shopping whilst at Throne of Skulls the other weekend! Whoops! This guy represents the re-start of my first ever 40K army - Eldar (good place to start right?). It's going to be a slow progress thing, I'm in no rush, but this is an awesome start!

He came all crammed into one big bag:

Space Marine for scale there!
And each piece came with a rather large 'gate' or sprue (or what ever they're called) on it which I trimmed off while catching up on Game of Thrones:

Left side - sprue. Right side - TITAN!!
Compare how full the bag is now:

Mr Death Company crept back in there.
It's not all going to waste. About a dozen of the off cuts are square ended, flat topped little pyramids, they'll make perfect little tank traps for the up-coming board my Dad is having a go at building.

That's all the progress on this guy for now. I spent a LOT of time browsing bases. I ended up buying a 50mm one from good old Fenris Games so I'll see how that work out. Next job is lots of sanding then pinning. Fun fun fun!

I also treated myself to the previously mentioned Forgeworld Apothecaries:

The event-only Skin Wolf:

And the event-only Enforcer:

 So yes, I want a bit crazy. I'd very generously been given some birthday money so I decided to go and treat myself. Bit of a one off spend. The Skin Wolf wasn't in the plan but they had the model there and it was awesome so I crumbled and handed over the cash.

So happy birthday to me! I'm off to get a train to go to my parents. I have three days with my dad to plan building a gaming table. The idea is two 4'x4' boards to make an 8'x4' table but that I can flip over to have two separate Malifaux tables (3'x3' with a surface for cards round the edge). But that's a story for another day.

Have a good 'un all!
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