Thursday, 5 April 2012

One of 'those' days...

We've all had them. That day when things are all going well and then...


No fun is it?

One thing that does help is laughing at other people, so I hereby offer myself up to the internet to be laughed on my friends (it's only short).

Finally getting prepared for the Throne of Skulls at the end of the month the biggest job is getting the Stormraven painted. A few nice days recently so I decided to get the base coats sprayed on.

All went well so i decided to feel a a little pleased with myself with a side by side comparison with my pre-official version. Here's how it looked:

Click and enlarge if you can't spot the difference?!

So, spot the difference? New one on the left, old one on the right. The latter is painted correctly for Angels Sanguine, my recent effort however is just...totally wrong.


Go on, laugh. We both know you want to.

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