Thursday, 8 September 2011

1,750 Tournament Report

It's been all quiet on the blog front for two or three weeks due to two things really - a) holiday: I got out of London for a week and enjoyed a decent break from work and city life and b) tournament prep: figuring out a 1,750 point army, getting things painted etc. Here's a summary of the latter...

My friend (Nurglez on B&C) invited me to a small-ish one day, four game tournament along with a couple of the other 'locals' who we play with now and again. None of us have ever played any kind of competitive 40k before so it was new ground and an adventure for us all.

I decided to go with the Angels Sanguine which, disappointingly, meant putting the Grey Knights on hold temporarily. This was because, although not required, I wanted to take as much of a painted army as possible and also as I have 0 hours practice with the GK's.

Next up was adding something to my standard 1,500 list that's add what's been missing over the last few months. To cut a long story short I needed something that could shoot tanks/creatures/nobs/terminators etc and something inexpensive that could sit on a 'home' objective. Welcome to the fold plasmacannon/lascannon devastators and sniper rifle, camo cloal scouts. I also dropped the Vanguard Vets in exchange for a jump pack Librarian with Shield and Unleash Rage. Here's my list:

Librarian - (Shield of Sanguinius, Unleash Rage) Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest - Jump pack
Sanguinary Priest

Assault Squad (10) - Flamer, Melta Gun, 2x Lightning Claws
Assault Squad (10) - Flamer, Melta Gun, Power Fist
Death Company (6) - 2x Power Weapon, Power Fist
Death Company Dreadnought - Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer
Scouts - 4x Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks

Fast Attack
Land Speeder - Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta
Land Speeder - Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta

Heavy Support
Stormraven - Assault Cannon, Multi Melta, Extra Armour
Devastators (5) - 2x Plasmacannon, 2x Lascannon

My force during the lunch break judging

Or there about. I got in two games vs an all Terminator Loganwing force before the weekend, winning one (objective) and losing one (kill points).

Painting (aaaarrrrrggghh) actually went o.k after my few weeks (months) of putting it off, I'll be showing some of this over the next few weeks in dedicated posts. So, onto the games:

Game One, two objectives
vs Chaos
Approximate Force - Kharn and 9 Bezerkers in a Rhino, 2x Chaos Marine Squads in Rhinos, 10 Plague Marines, 2x 2 Obliterators, 10 Lesser Daemons, Blood Thirster.

His deployment

I went into this knowing two things: I didn't want to be charged by the Greater Daemon or Kharn and that I had to hit the Plague Marines hard enough to get them off their home objective whilst holding mine. The new Scouts sat on mine, supported by the Devastators who took the brunt of the Obliterator shooting for the majority of the game.
The Assault Marines, Librarian and one Priest moved round to flank the right with the Speeders. Then, when he moved a Marine and Bezerker rhino into the centre and the Daemons came in round then they swung round into assault. I wiped out the Bezerkers to only one man and Kharn left standing, they then died to fearless wounds! The Bloodthirster killed a whole combat squad but, after 3 wounds from shooting, died when the Priest got lucky.
The one place I got really lucky was my opponent forgot (!) my Stormraven carried the Death Company and their Dreadnought, meaning I flew across the whole table and unloaded onto the Plague Marines without any trouble.

DC about to charge

At the end of the game I comfortably held my objective and had cleared the Plague Marines off his giving me 10 tournament points for the win. Victory Points A.S-1149 vs Chaos-605

Game Two, four objectives
vs Space Marines (Raven Guard)
Approximate Force: Captain w Relic Blade and Storm Shield, Honour Guard with Champion all in Razorback, 2x Tac Squads in Rhinos, 2x Landspeeder Typhoons, 2x Multi Melta Attack Bikes, Auto/Las Predator, Melta Dreadnought in Drop Pod, Sternguard w Combi-Meltas in Drop Pod, 10 Sniper Scouts.

His deployment
This game was a bit of an education as my shooting elements got massacred early on - he used his tanks well to block line if sight for them both and, by turn two, held 3 of the four objectives uncontested. My assault squads came in behind his lines and popped a couple of tanks. The Stormraven came in and killed the others. A combination of the the Assault Squads and Death Company wiped out all his Tacticals but his HQ gang killed off the Devastators and a supporting combat squad.
The Landspeeders spent the game fighting to get shots off on the his Scouts but were constantly chased by his Speeders and Bikes.
In the last turn I had one Sergeant left running for one free objective (to make it a draw) but my opponent shot him with three heavy bolters and a typhoon missile launcher, there wasn't much left of him after than!
He had two gone to ground Scouts left on one objective so won one objective to none. Frustrating but served my right for blowing my initial shooting. Tournament points 0 Victory Points A.S-905 vs R.G-1100

Games 3 and 4 in the next post.
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