Wednesday, 17 August 2011

From The Chopping Board - Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion Conversion

In an attempt to get some direction back into my 'hobby time' here's the first of my catch up articles - A converted model for the Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion.

Read on dear visitor, read on...

From my previous two Grey Knight rambles I listed an Inquisitor and small retinue as the HQ option. After a little thought I switched to the often-whinged-about-on-the-internets Brotherhood Champion. My problem was the model looks like this:

Picture from Games Workshop - Click to Enlarge
So an inspiring hero is running along ready to...hug you?? Arms wide open, bounding along with a twinkle in his eye...

I don't really like the official model.

Therefore I wanted to make my own without too much fuss. First idea was making a version of this guy out of the new plastics:

But there was no way to get the arms over the head in (boring spoil sport) reality. Next option look at suitable existing Marine models:

Picture from Games Workshop

Picture from Games Workshop


Picture from Games Workshop
I really wanted the first model, Ezekiel, or the second, Asmodai, but the fact they're metal, mail order only and a little too cloaky put me off.

Emperors Champion is is then! One of the biggest bonuses of this model is that there's no chapter specific markings to remove. Even if there was it's finecast so it'd be easy to shave them off.  Of course, also being finecast there were a couple of casting issues - a bubble on his right foot and some other bubbles on his jewels holding his loincloth in place. I either mended these with some green stuff or, in the case of the jewels, hid them behind some accessories.

Anyway, time to make him a Grey Knight. I left off the pistol as the BC has a storm bolter. I made this from two bolt pistols trimmed down. I then added two magazines from the standard bolt gun and added a little green stuff so it isn't just magically held to his wrist:

I also decided to switch out his sword. This is nothing fancy as his wargear is the standard Nemesis Force Sword. A cut, a pin and a spare GK Terminator sword later and we have a big bad sword:

Next on the wargear list is the Iron Halo. I wanted to use something to make a fancy collar but it didn't work out so I went with the next best option and dicided on a backpack icon, similar to Chapter Master Seth from the Blood Angel codex. I used a spare Nemesis Warding Stave top and added it to a standard 'pack:

Lastly, a nice base using some more of my favourite scavenged slate. Nothing mega here. One piece of slate. One sprinkle of GW's basing slate and one daemon skull:

Note green stuffed air bubble
Overall I'm very happy with this little dude. He's even on the verge of being painted, he's that awesome! Here's a couple of full pics:

And a little detail:

Right Shoulder
Left Shoulder
There y'all go. Hope you like!

Adios 'til next time all.

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