Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dreadfleet Preview Video

Picture from Games Workshop
For those of you with your head in the proverbial sand over the last month or so you'll have missed the building hype and leaks over the new Games Workshop limited release (as Space Hulk was a couple of years ago) of Dreadfleet. A whittled down Man'O'War type affair of naval combat. Anyway, the GW YouTube video is here - it's worth checking out, it's unlisted though so I can't embed it here as far as my limited blogger knowledge goes. Here's a few of the ships in a (now out of date) leak video though incase you aren't in the mood for clicking links:

It's looking nice, plus Space Hulk is actually a game my girlfriend is willing to play as it's a board game and not a wargame. buy or not to buy....
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