Sunday, 24 April 2011

From The Chopping Board - Librarian Kit Bash

With the release of the new Grey Knight plastic models, and more importantly the psychic hooded bodies and Nemsis Force Staff (Warding staff...what ever) parts it was time to see what I could make from that and a couple of other boxes. Namely my first ever Space Marine Librarian and Honour Guard. This post will focus on the former, sometime this week I'll post about the latter.

Hi all. So over this last week or two I've been playing around with dozens and dozens of bits and pieces after a small shopping splurge recently:

Power Armour and Termie Grey Knights, Sanguinary Guard and Death Company

No, I've not gone mad and spent £80+ on just a Libby and friends, there's a lot of uses coming up for these parts. For now though my desk is looking like this:


There is order to this madness which will become apparent over the next few pictures (when I've tidied up). I'm looking for this squad to occasionally replace the Vanguard Veteran unit, giving me about 240 points to play with. On that note the Honour Guard is looking something like this:

HG w/ Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (magnetised for Power Fist)
HG w/ Lightning Claw and Storm Shield (magnetised for Standard Bearer)
HG w/ Lightning Claw and Storm Shield
HG w/ Melta Gun and Close Combat Weapon/Power Weapon (modelled as a Techmarine)
Sanguinary Novitate
(Option model for) Blood Champion
All with magnetised jump jack option.

I'll cover these chaps next post as I'm half way through them. The Librarian will be pretty standard but with a magnetised jump pack option. Here's the low down on his build, mainly through the visual treat of pictures:

Librarian component parts.

Parts used are:
   GK legs
   GK body
   GK backpack
   GK Warding Staff - arm swapped with a Force Halberd one
   GK book shoulder pad
   GK Terminator book
   GK Terminator book back icon
   Sang Guard Death Mask head
   Sang Guard jump pack
   Sang Guard grenade/knife
   Sang Guard clenched fist
   Death Comp icon (removed from pack)
   Regular Space Marine Chainsword arm

The head had the halo/fin trimmed off. The problem was it's then the size of an un-helmeted head (the Sanguinary Guard must have pea sized heads). That led me to green stuff on some bulk in the same way as my Recluisarh conversion a while back which followed a link from From The Warp (the link's somewhere on that post). Here's a short visual explanation (with fuzzy pics - sorry):

Green stuff collar round the back

Green stuff fin/vent over the top

Smooth down and trim

Add a dent for the 'vent' on top

That was he only green stuff on this whole guy. The rest is just combining all the parts above. Here's how he's now looking:

Back view of the book and Blood Angel pouches

Regular pack version

Jump pack version

The base is a piece of slate I found in a near by garden (free!). The skulls are a couple of resin ones I got from eBay super cheap. This guy's build is almost finished and I'm pretty happy with him. I'm having a big debate about paint scheme though and how the regular Librarian blue would work with the Angel Sanguine halved colour scheme.

Magnetising the packs wasn't too bad - you can see how I placed the magnets on a few of the above pictures. By not replacing the lump and socket joint and having the magnet right above it holds the pack nice and straight and stops them swivelling.

So there you go. Once I have a couple more guys finished I'll post the Honour Guard work too.

Until next time...
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