Friday, 10 September 2010

Sabbat Worlds Signing!


I saw on Dn Abnett's blog that he and some of the other Black Library writers would be at Forbidden Planet today here in London. So I headed down this evening in order to get my hands on an early copy of Sabbat Worlds, meet the authors, and overall geek out a bit!

This wasn't some queue at a table, get moved along type signing either. It was standing in the corner of a (pretty big) comic etc shop mingling, yes...mingling, with the stars of Black Library.

Dan Abnett, Graham McNiell, Sandy Mitchell, James Swallow Nik Vincent and Nick Kyme were there mixing with the masses and having a chocolate biscuit. All were wiling to chat about Sabbat Worlds and/or their other books with all of us. Dan and Graham also got quizzed every 30 seconds about the various aspects of the Horus Heresy series; let's just say I cannot wait for Prospero Burns after what Mr Abnett mentioned today (all very cryptic but enough to get me excited). 

Of course every one of them was armed with a pen for signing everything and anything that we put in front of them - books, t-shirts, small children...
My 'one book' soon became the small stack you see to the side there; Sabbat Worlds and the new Blood Pact paperback along with Thousand Sons and Nemesis from the HH series. I'm not quite up to Thousand Sons yet but I'll buy it anyway so might as well have signed copies!

Dan Abnett told us how happy he was with the finished Prospero Burns (out next year) and that it contains "a line that will make every fan of the Horus Heresy series jaws drop a bit". We're taking pure mythos revelation apparently - I want to know NOW!

So, not exactly a ground breaking post full of work in progress or a paint stripping tutorial, but more a chance to boast that I've got something that the rest of the world (apart from those of you going to Games Day UK of course) can't have for another month. I guess that makes this my first ever smug post, in which case I apologise. At least I have enough to star a book club now.

Laters all,

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